Monday, 10 August 2015

Urban Fruit Snacks

Now that I have moved back home, I am surrounded by my family to keep me motivated and help keep me on track to eating healthy.

Urban Fruit

I have very kindly been sent an Urban Fruit Snack* box to try all that they have to offer! They have a lot of different fruits to try which is good to see for the brand! The first ones to catch my eye were the mango and pineapple bags. Only this year have I tried mango and it’s safe to say that I have fallen in love with it.

There was a selection of Smashing Strawberry, Magnificent Mango, Perfectly Pineapple, Cheeky Cherry and Tremendously Tropical.

Urban Fruit

All of the fruits are gently baked, there is no added sugar or sulphates, which these days is becoming more important to everyone.

Urban Fruit

Each of their fruits come in two bag sizes, a larger one with several portions and smaller snack bags each with around 100 calories. So you can eat delicious fruit and not worry about calories but also get your sweet fix. It certainly beats a bar of chocolate.

Urban Fruit

I thought I would have a favourite out of the Mango and Pineapple but after trying them all, I don’t think I do have a favourite now. They are definitely one of the best snacks around though!



*This product was kindly sent to me for review purposes and as always all views are my own.


  1. Urban fruit is my fave! I like how there are no added nasties and the fruit isn't too sweet! It's perfect for when you don't have any actual fruit in the house and you need a quick snack! I have these all the time as I'm a little bit obsessed ahha x

  2. It's great isn't it! I loved the pineapple, I need to go get some more asap! x

  3. There are perfect for me! I always forget to eat actual fruit when i buy it (Ask the spotty bananas in my kitchen!) so i'll definitely have to grab some of these!


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