Monday, 7 September 2015

Bloggers Festival

I had been umming and ahhing about attending the Bloggers Festival by Scarlett London for some time but a few weeks or so before the event I thought I would find out if there were any space available. To my delight there were!

Fortunately for this event I didn’t have to leave at 6am so even though I should have been able to have a little lie in, I still woke up early from excitement.

I hadn’t entirely decided what to wear as even though I’ve lost quite a lot of weight, I still wasn’t entirely comfortable in a lot of my clothes. In the end I went for a pink dress with a little navy cardigan. Clothes that were once too small for me but now fit!

Before the event, I met Kirsty and we popped in to Tiger to get some bits for our own event in a couple of weeks time plus I miss that place! It’s so good for little bits you might need. Sadly they didn’t have what we needed, gutted!

We then headed over to St. James’ Park to the hotel where the event was taking place. The room was well laid out with brands around the outside of the room, and in the centre was an area for us tired bloggers to sit down and relax.

I met some great brands including Jewellery Box, Lego, Small Man Media, Exuviance and Grace who do some amazing Caribbean foods. I also loved talking to Mode Media who had some incredible ideas and clearly love working with bloggers!

I also loved getting this cute glitter tattoo from Glimmer Tattoos. It’s totally acceptable to have these all the time right?

I came away with so many treats and goodies that I absolutely cannot wait to try and share with you all.

I’m also pretty sure my family love it when I come back from these events with so much stuff that they can try too!

A huge thank you to Scarlett and everyone who helped her put on such a great afternoon.

I slept like a baby that night after such an exhausting day!



  1. Another really motivated person has already put a post up haha?! Loved the post and I loved what you were wearing. Was great to meet you (even if it was briefly)

  2. Thanks so much for coming along Adele, it was great to see you there! You've got some great pictures (especially of the pick n mix). I hope to see you at the next event - catch up then :)

    Scarlett x

  3. I read this half asleep last night and then dreamt we were drinking mojitos! Which we will obviously do! It was lovely to meet you too! xxx


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