Sunday, 20 September 2015

Feed Your Mini Cravings

Recently The Laughing Cow has launched Mini Cravings*. These are mini cheese cubes that are creamy, delicious and packed full of flavour and to top it all off they are 14 calories per cube!

This guilt-free mini snack is the first of its kind and comes in 3 varieties, starting with The Laughing Cow’s well known original cream cheese, a Herb Selection including Ham & Herb, Three Cheese and Garlic & Herb and lastly a cheese-tastic variety with Classic Cheddar, Smoked Cheese and Blue Cheese. There is something for everyone, particularly me because hi, I’m Adele and I’m the fussiest person ever!

As you can see there is only 1 gold cube in this photo, my Dad liked the Cheddar ones SO much that he ate all but one before I took a photo! He gives them 10/10 so they must be REALLY good!

I was so impressed when I got these through my door, I love the cute little pack the 24 cubes come in. It’s perfect to take the work and put in the fridge. But you will have to hope no one sneaks one when they have a mini craving to feed (see what I did there, eh?).

How I feed my mini cravings:
  • Grab a few straight from the fridge, fight off those hunger pains for less than 50 calories and it will keep me going until dinner
  • I spread a cube on some black pepper ryvita, a few extra calories but it’s the perfect light lunch. My favourite has to be ryvita with the classic cheddar
  • If ryvita isn’t your thing, try some ham & herb on some crackers
  • I also experimented adding a small, thin slice of ham or beef with the cheese

I think Mini Cravings are great for those on a diet, or those not..(!). They really feed any cravings you have during the day, often an issue when trying to eat healthy. 14 calories of cheese and a ryvita is not so much in the grand scale of things, as long as you don’t go eat a pizza after! Who can deny themselves that?

These delicious mini cravings can be found in the chiller aisle in all good supermarkets at a tasty price of £2 and each pack includes 24 individually wrapped cubes.

How do you feed your mini cravings?

*I was kindly sent these packages to feed my mini cravings

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  1. I am totally in love with these!! They are only 1/2 Syn on slimming world too!!



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