Monday, 14 September 2015

How I Lost 1 Stone In 1 Month

I really wasn’t sure whether I would sit down to write this post, let along actually sure how I lost 1 stone in 1 month.

It’s taken a long time to actually get here, I would always lose a few pounds and think it was fine to go back to the way I had been eating which led to putting back on those few pounds and then some.

While it hasn't been easy to battle with myself and all those demons telling me to give up and that I can’t do it, I powered on through.

I’m not even half way to where I wan to be but it’s one hell of a start and if I can lose another stone and a half in the next two months, I will be extremely happy. It’s also a totally achievable target and I’m hoping I’ll be able to exceed it!


A lot of it is down to what I eat, I could do all the running and exercise in the world but if I eat junk food all the time then I’d probably still gain weight.

Breakfast -> If I remember to eat then I would typically have smoothies made with coconut water or spelt flour pancakes.

Lunch -> A salad of some form but I also love the Tasty Little Numbers meals which are only 200 calories.

Dinner -> It can range from chicken with vegetables and sweet potato to salmon with beetroot and rice but normally a vegetable will take place of the carb in my dinner.

Snacks -> If I’m absolutely desperate, I’ll have fruit or a cup of green tea.


I do exercise any day that I can, I aim for nearly everyday with a couple of days rest a week and hope I’m not hurting too much from the previous day.

I start out with a 1.3 mile or so run which can take anything from 16 to 20 minutes depending on how much my legs are aching. I’m hoping to slowly increase this to 2 to hit my goal of 5k by January. After a run I tend to do 3 sets of 5 different exercises, including weights, planks and squats. Some days this is the easy part and other days it’s so hard to get through. But there’s normally dinner to look forward to afterwards which makes it almost bearable.

This is literally what I have done so far, I do not calorie count, of course I make sure there aren't thousands of calories in what I’m eating, and I stay away from takeaways and junk food. So in a way I do have a rough idea of the intake of calories but I don’t physically go over every piece of food and write down the calories that I’m eating.

It’s a crazy feeling what I’ve accomplished so far, and I am ridiculously proud of myself for coming as far as I have. All I can say is that I’m starting to enjoy the exercise and it’s an amazing feeling being able to go down a size in clothes now.



  1. Well done beautiful, that's an amazing achievement in a month! Planks are a total killer too... I salute you for sticking with them!! xx

  2. wow congrats! thats incredible determination - keep it up and keep us posted! xx

  3. You have done amazingly! As for running, having you tried the couch to 5k app? I've just started it and it is so helpful! Really helps you to take things steady until you reach the 5k goal. x

  4. this is amazing, ive just stumbled across your blog! we seem to both be on a weight loss journey and i was loosing motivation but knowing that we are doing the same sort of workouts makes me happy to think i could be there soon too!

    good luck xx


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