Thursday, 15 October 2015

25 Reasons Why I’m Looking Forward To Winter

  1. Big, Warm, Fluffy Jumpers
  2. The heating on in the house and being toasty warm in the mornings
  3. Curled up under blankets in front of the fire on a Saturday night
  4. Darker Evenings
  5. Stews, soups and casseroles and all the Winter warming food
  6. The cold, crisp mornings
  7. The smell of the rain
  8. Duvet days, relaxing and watching films
  9. Christmas, duh
  10. Being with Family
  11. Winter walks, they just seem to be so much better than any other time of the year
  12. Hot Chocolates with Marshmallows
  13. Thick Socks and Boots
  14. Christmas Music
  15. The magical feeling of pretty lights, crisp air and delicious food smells in the air
  16. Christmas Markets
  17. Huge Knitted Scarves and Cute Mittens
  18. The sound of rain against the window while you’re inside
  19. Going shopping for presents
  20. Spending hours choosing the perfect colour scheme for Christmas presents
  21. Wearing novelty Christmas jumpers
  22. Planning the Christmas dinner!
  23. Making your perfect Christmas list!
  24. Going shopping with your Mum and droppings hints every 30 seconds hoping she’ll buy it for you for Christmas
  25. Life. Life just seems so much better in the Winter! I freaking love Christmas.


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  1. Love this list =] im far too excited for christmas too


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