Sunday, 4 October 2015

9 Thoughts After Payday

  1. I’ve wanted this for all of 2 hours, I must have it
  2. I’ll just go into Primark for some new socks…comes out after spending £120
  3. If I buy this, I probably can’t afford to feed myself for the rest of the month…oh what the hell!
  4. Goes into the Supermarket and buys only the finest food…then eats Tesco Value for the rest of the month
  5. Mentally spending your entire pay cheque before you even have it
  6. Oooh I have so much money *pays rent* oh damn it
  7. I’ve been waiting to buy this all month, now I can’t even justify the money spent on that
  8. I promise this month I’ll save half of my pay….
  9. It’s so hard to resist all the pretty stationary in Paperchase, but I do need it for blogging
Let’s be honest, we all say we’ll do one thing and then spend it anyway!


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