Thursday, 29 October 2015

Debenhams Flowers

When I got an email through a couple of weeks ago from Debenhams Flowers* asking if they could send me some flowers from their Autumn range, I obviously said yes!

They kindly sent me the Designer Honey Blossom which are gorgeous. I was over the moon when a huge bunch of flowers arrived at my door on Saturday.

I’d been thinking about getting some flowers to brighten up my room and make life that much better in the mornings!

I was so impressed that they delivered 7 days a week and they were kind enough to send mine on a Saturday as the next day off I had was Friday! If you order by 9pm you can have Next Day Delivery, perfect for last minute gifts and perhaps forgotten presents.

The fresh, high quality flowers last for a minimum of 7 days! The few days before the flowers arrived I was feeling so down and since I got them I’ve felt like it’s been nice to have something pretty to look at!

Having Flowers by Post is the most exciting thing ever, you’re probably thinking that it’s really no big deal but I’ve only ever been bought flowers THREE times so I love these.

This Designer Honey Blossom is made up of peach avalanche roses, vintage roses, pink bouvardia and white eustoma with seasonal sugar flair berries.

You can 25% off your own bunch of flowers from Debenham Flowers using the code DFBLOG2. Enjoy!


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