Tuesday, 6 October 2015


I have been in search for some good skincare products for some time now and when I came across Real-U* I was so excited!

When I say good skincare products, I mean ones that work for me. I have really bad skin so Real-U is perfect as there is nothing bad in them and my skin won’t flair up just looking at them.

Real-U use a 4 step process starting with a cleansing face wash, followed by a gel and a light moisturiser and ending with a spot cream.

It sounds like you’re putting a lot on your face but in actual fact you’re not. The cleansing face wash made my skin actually feel clean which I rarely find.

As you can see the consistency of the products is very runny and it doesn’t tend to hold it’s shape at all, which makes it great when you are putting 2/3 products on your face and  you don’t feel like you’ve put loads on which I tend to find with other moisturisers.

Overall, I have seen a massive improvement on my skin. My acne has reduced as much as it would ever do which I am so pleased about! My skin is also really smooth and it boosts my confidence because obvs everyone is looking at me because I look beaut and not because I have bad skin!

I cannot recommend Real-U enough! Definitely worth looking at if you need some new skincare.


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