Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Sweet Freedom

As one of the products in the South West Blogger Meet goody bag, it was only right to share some treats I made using my Sweet Freedom* products.

Obviously the first thing I had to make with Sweet Freedom Choc Shot was hot chocolates! Now it is starting to get much colder, hot chocolates are always on the cards. I made mine with a mug of skimmed milk, in the microwave for two minutes. Store in a dessert spoon of choc shot and ta-dah! Add more if you want a stronger chocolate taste! I’d say this is about 2 ½ tsp worth so 35 calories, plus the milk. If you compare this to your standard hot chocolate it is nothing!

I would also add this as a topping to pancakes because just! This would also be less calories than sugar; so it’s a winning topping. Also a drizzle over some fruit such as strawberries and raspberries! Another option, if it takes your fancy, is to drizzle a bit over some popcorn. There are plenty of recipes you can try here, I’d love to try their avocado brownie bites.

The original Sweet Freedom product, called Sweet Freedom coincidently, is 13 calories per tsp and is made from 100% fruit: apples, grapes and carob. This tastes and sweetens just like white sugar. I am amazed that such a product exists and if small swaps like this can be made, it would make a huge difference.

The typical way I would use this is as an alternative to sugar, a little bit in tea, to sweeten yogurt, and even in baking! You only need 25% less Sweet Freedom to the sugar in recipes which is amazing!

I want to try eggy bread, fruit and some Sweet Freedom!

Make sure you check out all their recipes here!

Both these products are available in all good supermarkets for only £2.99 for Sweet Freedom and £3.50 for Choc Shot.

What should I make next?


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