Friday, 16 October 2015

What I Didn’t Expect When Organising An Event

I have now organised two events this year (West Midlands Blogger Meet & South West Blogger Meet) with Kirsty from Kirsty Leanne. It’s been a crazy few months and I never would have thought it would happen (I sound like I’ve gotten married or something). It’s been amazing, I’ve met some wonderful people, had the opportunity to work with some great brands and organised some successful events.

I cannot thank the people who have supported us the most (our families of course!), and of course all the bloggers who have attended our events too!

I honestly did not realise just how much time would go into organising events, before you know it you’re organising more and more and it is so exciting.

I have so many ideas that I didn’t realise how I actually had them all. Admittedly some of them are for summer and next year but it is never too early to start planning.

The Amount of Time Spent In Front of a Computer
I have spent countless hours in from of the computer, and on my phone, sending emails, on social media, talking to other bloggers too find out who wanted to be involved and what we were going to do.

Being In Constant Contact With Kirsty
The only time we aren’t talking is when we are sleeping, or when I’m sleeping since I go to bed much earlier!, there is always something to talk about and plans to make!

Just How Many Boxes I Would End Up With
There are boxes literally everywhere! They are under my bed, all over my room, in the garage, in the dining room, everywhere.

How Long It Took To Pack Goody Bags
Absolute hours. Just so long.

When To Stop Accepting Samples
We had to take two cars to the West Midlands Blogger Meet and that was just my stuff, Kirsty came with her parents too! Lesson learnt.

Be Prepared Always
There needs to be a plan of action, for all scenarios. I had all the products split up into sections, goody bags in suitcases and raffle prizes in a box so it was easy to sort everything out.

People Will Not Turn Up Without Telling You So
It’s just  something you have to accept and everyone else will have a fantastic time anyway.

People Are In It For The Free Stuff
It is inevitable, people only want the goody bags. Fine but they are the ones that will get a bad reputation so this is not something that will come back on you.

People Will Have A Good Time
The will meet new bloggers and they will blog about it. These are the people that make every minute worth it.

I have loved every minute organising these events and I am so excited to have such an amazing opportunity.

If you want to hear about all our future events, sign up here. Make sure you follow us on twitter at PrettyLBloggers and if you have anywhere you want us to visit or want to see, leave a comment below.

Also make sure you check out Kirsty’s post on Events: Tips for Organising an Amazing Event



  1. you smashed it girl! boo the ones that didn't turn up they missed out on a great day and some amazing goodies!!! xxx

  2. Well done Adele you are so inspiring for what you've achieved this year alone. Isn't it amazing how blogging brings out these talents that we didn't even know we had? It must be so frustrating when people don't turn up but hopefully the people that do go more than make up for it :)

    Laura xx | Loved By Laura


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