Friday, 2 October 2015

When You Think You've Lost All Motivation

There I said it, again, I lost motivation, again. Right after my post about How I Lost 1 Stone in 1 Month went live. You would think after that and after all your lovely comments happened I would have every reason to keep going. But with putting on the West Midlands Blogger Meet and working the days before and after, I just sort of had everything else to do and didn’t go running in the end. EXCUSES.

So I went a week without going for a run…oops. Yes, each day I did feel a little bit guilty that I simply did not have the time but life happens when you’re having fun.

I got right back to it. I had a week off and my body has just about recovered from all the stress and excitement so I actually went for a run!

We all have days where there’s other things that need to be done or you simply don’t feel like going them! So I’m not going to beat myself up about it too much. The most important thing is that I haven’t stopped nor gone back to my old habits. I’m still careful with what I’m eating and I’ve been running.

For my newer readers, I am taking part in Julie Creffields Too Fat To Run Campaign because we are never too fat to run and there are so many healthy benefits. There are an unbelievably supportive bunch of ladies part of the clubhouse and they are so motivating. It is great seeing them on their own journeys while I’m starting out on mine. They really do show that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

It’s difficult to break old habits, but I’m trying and in the mean time I am making new habits to replace the old ones.

While it is so easy to lose motivation, it is also so easy to get it back. So here is to losing the next stone.


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  1. Adele you are doing so well! Everyone is allowed a 'blip' now and again, the important thing is to recognise it as that, then get back to it, rather than saying "oh God it's all gone wrong I might as well just eat all of this" (been there, done that!!) Also you are now motivating me to do more too, so I'm going to put down my phone now and go do some exercise - thank you!! xx

    Laura xx |


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