Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Prairie Pizzazz: Enchanted Edition

I am not going to lie, when I received my Prairie Pizzazz Enchanted Box I was beyond excited. I was too keen and may have ripped open the tissue paper before I took pictures. There was literally no time to waste! But to give you an idea, there was Amethyst Purple tissue paper with little fairy sequins on top. ADORABLE.

Before I go on, Prairie Charms put in so much thought and attention to detail and while to some people this is overlooked, I think it really makes the entire box what it is. It complements the Enchanted theme, in this case, and makes it so great to first open!

Seraphina Velvet Knot Wrap - This seriously soft velvet in a beautiful purple forms a velvet knot wrap. Perfect for pushing hair back while doing a face mask and having a little pamper session.

Luna Leatherette Hair Bow - I cannot wait for all the Christmas parties to be able to wear this. I love the gold colour and the textured effect. It's going to go perfectly with my Christmas dress.

Hazel Custom Knot Tie Pack - I am a huge fan of the knot ties, I'm pretty sure I say this every time. This months are very much Enchanted, with the emerald green colour, white with gold hearts and the stag! I think these are my most favourite I've received yet!

Anya Butterfly Head Band Duo - This is definitely fitting with the Enchanted theme but unfortunately not my cup of tea. It's so pretty but not something I would wear.

Hermione Wand Necklace - How cute! This definitely fits in with the Enchanted theme and the wand is so cute. I definitely want to have an Enchanted theme party just so I can wear all this! Hm, there's an idea...

Pandora Evil Eye Bracelet - This is so pretty, I love the colour and it's simple which is what I like!

Solace Midi Ring - Another very cute piece of jewellery, but another one that's not quite me!

Merida Candy Skull Wax Melts - OMG. LOVE. I've just got a Wax Melt Burner and I am so excited to have these Gingerbread Melts to burn. It's so Christmassy and it is definitely putting me in the mood!

Rosalie Quote Card - Everything about this quote card is perfect. I've popped it up on my wall along with all my other postcards and I do love a good motivational quote to see while I'm blogging.

The Sweet Hostess Sugar Swizzle Sticks - I'm a bit in love with this. I've never had one before but you always see them in this perfect party pictures and I know their big in America! I was so excited to see one in this box.

There was also a card in the box and it was so lovely to see a personal touch.

This has by far been my favourite Prairie Pizzazz box yet. It all fits in perfectly with the theme and even though there were 2 items that weren't quite me, that is totally ok! I cannot wait to see what comes out of the Christmas Prairie Pizzazz box!



  1. This all looks incredible, everything is so beautiful! I need a box for myself now!

    Tore | www.atinymew.com xo

  2. How beautiful, I love everything.

    Emma Xx



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