Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Room Decor and Organisation

I've been back at home a few months now and I want it to be somewhere I can enjoy to be and relax. I need somewhere that I can sit down and write my blog posts, send emails and make big plans.

The first thing I did was get a desk with a cupboard, drawers and shelving, I've been told it's a "blogger cliche" but I literally just needed it to store some stationary and papers and to sit at to write! It's from IKEA so it was cheap and cheerful! I love that it has a little cupboard and two different drawers. It makes my life so much easier.

I also have two sets of drawers, a smaller one that I keep my diaries, notebooks and anything blogging related in. I have endless amounts of stationary, products from goody bags and products to review so I keep as much as I can in here.

The second set of drawers isn't as organised as I would like it to be as it has so many random bits. I am planning on swapping this out for some shelves from IKEA as I have some storage boxes that are made to fit in the cubes and it will also make the room a bit more colourful! Plus the boxes are much easier for storage.

Remember the days when you would have posters and photos all over your walls? Those days are so gone. I wanted something minimalistic so I've got two prints saying 'London' and 'New York' which are my two favourite places in the world. Plus a few motivational postcards and some photos from Cheerz stuck on my wall with Washi Tape to brighten up my wall and give me some inspiration when I get writers block.

So that's how I stay organised and keep my room pretty, there's really not much to it!


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