Monday, 23 November 2015

What To Get A Blogger For Christmas

It's always a difficult one when you don't know what to get someone for Christmas. But really, the question is "What Do I Get A Blogger For Christmas?". Well duh, lots of Instagram-worthy stuff of course.

I teamed up with Really Good* to show you what you could get.

"Stuff That Doesn't Go Anywhere Else Tin" - I absolutely love the idea of putting together boxes and hampers of gifts for family and friends. You can grab your own tin from Really Good or even use a gift box. I recently put together a box of things for my friend and wrapped up a cardboard box then lined it with shredded tissue paper!

"That's My Brain You Can Hear Whirring" Notebook - Is this perfect for a blogger or what? We probably hoard stationary for a living but hey, we all need another notebook for blog ideas.

"To Do:" Chocolate Bar - For the emergencies, when writers block hits bad and all you can do is eat chocolate.

"Help Feed Me Chocolate" Card - Because we all love a good slogan card. And yes, please feed me chocolate.

"A Desperate Woman" Luggage Tag - To hopefully get a lovely gentleman to carry your bag for you...or something like that.

"For Spanking Only" Ruler - because?

"Fuck Right Off" Eye Mask - Because girls gotta sleep right? I need my beauty sleep and this says it all really.

Compact Mirror - These are super handy to have in your bag. I especially love that this has two mirrors! But hey, you need something to apply all those MAC lipsticks with.

"What I Want" Mini Notepad - Another handbag essential, for all the notes and ideas that need scribbling down. Or a blog prop shopping list instead.

Tin With Tissues - This tin can be used for practically anything, it's easy to store bits in. Oh, and makes a great photo prop.

"Hair Of The Dog" Mini Hip Flask - LOVE. Because you never know when you might need this.

Vintage Flowers iPhone Stand - So I'm a bit in love with this. I never thought about owning something like this but this is so perfect for bloggers. It means keeping up with everything on my phone, with it at the right angle, while I'm at my desk blogging.

I would also do something along the lines of filling a makeup bag for a beauty blogger or a cake tin for a food blogger. In fact, I'm getting a little bit excited about the thought of doing this!

What would you get a blogger for Christmas?



  1. This is a really great idea for family members who might not be too sure how to indulge a blogger's new hobby!

    I'd probably set myself loose in Paperchase if I were buying for a fellow blogger, you can't go wrong with gorgeous notebooks or scrapbooking supplies!

    Tore | xo

  2. I love all these ideas, especially the tin!
    Zoe xx

  3. The 'fuck right off' mask is amazing! I love the notebook too, there are some lovely things on this list :) xx



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