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A Christmas Gift Guide for Tea Lovers

I have previously written Gift Guides for Bloggers, ASOS Stocking Fillers and most recently a Gift Guide for many different scenarios. Today I want to share one for Tea Lovers, because Tea Gift Sets are perfect for presents, especially when you can keep the tin afterwards. That's a massive bonus.

And that's where Ahmad Tea* comes into this post. They offer a wide range of teas for affordable prices!

I was so happy to have this parcel arrive on my door step and I literally could not wait to be able to share all of these wonderful gifts!

Tea Chest Four | £8:

It contains four different types of teas: English Breakfast, Darjeeling, Earl Grey and English Tea No.1. There are 4 individually wrapped tea bags of each of these teas and they come packaged really nicely in a gold tin which can be used again. This is a completely affordable gift and would be perfect for someone who loves your typical breakfast tea!

English Breakfast Heritage Caddy Tin & London Twilight Tin | £5 each:

Two stunning tins both containing 20 Foil Wrapped Breakfast Tea tea bags and they are too good to open! The London Twilight tin has got to be my favourite and I've already been thinking of things I can store in it. The tea tastes incredible too! Plus these tins are both £5 each, so if you are looking for something small to give to someone, this would be perfect!

Westminster Collection Caddies & London Experience Tea Tins | £5 each:
With stunning tins, these both contain Breakfast Tea again in both a loose and tea bag form. Loose tea definitely has a different and stronger flavour to that in tea bags, so for someone who loves Breakfast Tea, this would definitely mix it all up for them! Plus if they love London, these are great!

Twelve Teas | £12:

I absolutely love the selection of teas in this tin. It would make the perfect gift for someone who likes to try different teas! I also think it is so perfect to have tea bags individually wrapped, it gives it such  a premium feel and it just makes it all so much better having to unwrap the tea bag! I have a few people I know this would be perfect for!

Orange Blossom Tin | Ceylon Tea Tin | £7 each:

Aren't these the most gorgeous tins like ever? I can just imagine these sitting on the kitchen counter! They both contain loose leaf teas but you get so much out of one tin. I've found a new favourite in the Orange Blossom tea! 

Classic Tea Selection | Peppermint & Lemon | Peach & Passionfruit Cold Brew | £1.80 each:

3 completely different products, all with foil wrapped tea bags. I've already tried the Peppermint & Lemon and it tastes delicious! It has the perfect balance of peppermint and lemon and it's now my go to choice of tea. I would put a pack such as these with a mug and other tea accessories to put together a little set for the recipient. Of course, dependent on what kind of tea they enjoy!

Do you think these teas will make great gifts? 

What would you get for a tea lover?


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  1. I have only recently got into flavoured teas so I was reading this blog post thinking 'I must try that one, and that one, and that one!' haha!
    The westminster set looks lovely.
    Zoe xx


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