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Degustabox: November Christmas Box

Degustabox* is, and probably will be, my favourite food subscription box! So the Christmas one has got to be my favourite box of the year! Full of festive food and exciting new ingredients to try out! So, I'll cut right to the chase.

  1. Ryvita Thins | £1.89 - These are the perfect snack to have on the Christmas table for parties, or on Boxing Day. They are absolutely perfect for dipping in salsa or anything else that takes your fancy. Share some with the family or friends! The mature cheddar and black pepper will be sure to be a new favourite with everyone.
  2. Ryvita Green & Black Olive Crackers | £1.29 - I desperately want to try these with feta cheese & sundried tomatoes, it's a winning combination for me! I love that these Ryvita Crackers come in individual packets of 6 and there are 4 in the box. It keeps them fresh and they are the perfect lunch time snack.
  3. Teisseire | £2.79 each - Two Coffee Syrups in Caramel and Vanilla from Teisseire sound heavenly. They can be used in hot drinks, cold drinks and alcohol but I think I'll be sticking to using mine in coffee and perhaps a hot chocolate to add a new flavour to it! They come in super handy packs that you can easily carry around with you or take to work!
  4. belVita | £2.79 - I've never actually tried belVita before, but better late than never! Their new range is Soft Bakes and comes in 3 different flavours. They are made with five wholegrains and rich in cereals, and they are a great source of fibre and contains vitamins B6, magnesium and iron. Similarly packaged to the Ryvita Crackers in 5 individually packaged portions, I've been taking these to work and they are definitely a great breakfast.
  5. This month's Db's Discoveries comes from Tuckey's which are Proper Digestive Biscuits that are inspired by original recipes, with traditional ingredients and traditional methods!
  6. Butterkist | £2.04 - Everyone in my family is a huge fan of popcorn but we normally stick to Sweet & Salty. I'm a massive fan of Salted Caramel so I was definitely excited to be able to try Salted Caramel popcorn, and I just imagined it would be along the lines of Sweet & Salty. And of course, it was also a bonus to be able to have another bag of Sweet & Salty in the house!
  7. Branson | £1.49 - Branston Pickle is something we always have in the house, even more so around Christmas to go with left over Turkey and Ham! Now I have the Orchard Fruit Chutney, hopefully we can find the perfect addition for this! No doubt it will get used at some point!
  8. Nim's Fruit Crisps | 99p - I absolutely love Freeze Dried Fruit Snacks and this is very similar with fruit crisps that are sliced and dried and also count as 1 of your 5 a day. They are also high in fibre and vitamin C. I literally devoured these within 30 seconds...
  9. Hartley's | £1.29 - I was so happy to see these in the box! They are perfect for Christmas and just add a bit of fun. There's a recipe for Black Forest Trifle using the Black Cherry Jelly which I will definitely be trying out. The Glitter Jelly is just so much fun! I will definitely be finding a use for this one.
  10. Bourne & Wallis | £1.40 - Another staple for the table at Christmas, and definitely on Boxing Day for my family! Pickled Onions are a crowd pleaser and go perfectly with ham and all of the left overs! Bourne & Wallis produce their pickles in Cambridgeshire, using vegetables that are sourced from the East Anglia region.
  11. Divine | £1 - This looks delicious, a Dark Chocolate and Raspberries small chocolate bar, perfect for that indulgent moment!
  12. Rekordilig | £1.49 - I'm a huge fan of Rekordilig anyway, and this Dry Apple flavour is a classic flavour. It's a crisp flavour with a dry, clean finish. Perfectly chilled, and you are on to a winner!
  13. Baileys - I can't say I'm a massive fan of Baileys, however I'm sure my parents will appreciate this one more than I would!
  14. Jim Jams Chocolate Spread - This looks delicious, so good I could probably eat it out the jar with a spoon! I might do some baking with this, if my brother doesn't get to it first!
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*This box was kindly sent to me for the purpose of a review.

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  1. I really need to subscribe to degustabox the boxes always look so good



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