Tuesday, 8 December 2015

My Little Sweet Box: Thoughts

I signed up to My Little Box last month and received their Creative Box, in collaboration with Pinterest, it was alright but I can't say I was completely over the moon with it.

When I saw the teaser for this months box, I was really excited. A tin box? Yes please! Well worth the money for the subscription!

So here is a list of my thoughts on this months box.

  • The tin is great, it can be reused and is so adorable.
  • The apron is really cute. I love that it's a half apron as I normally get ingredients down my legs instead of on my top. Is that a thing?
  • The labels for jars are amazing! It took me a while to realise there was an envelope but it's a good excuse to have lots of cute jars in the kitchen.

  • Being My Little Sweet Box you would expect some kind of sweets or baking or a bunch of recipes.
  • The beauty products were smaller this month, maybe the tin compromised this.
  • My tin was slightly damaged when it arrived, boo.
I signed up last month and said if I didn't like it then I would cancel after the December box (because I obviously want all the Christmas stuff!). It's getting very likely that I won't continue the subscription. It's not worth the money nor am I ridiculously excited about all the products. I tried and that's enough for me!


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  1. Adele - I don't know if you've received your December box yet so I won't spoil the contents, but I'm very glad I stuck around for the Christmas one - I think it's their best yet!! xx


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