Saturday, 12 December 2015

The Cutest Secret Santa Present. EVER.

For anyone who knows me, really well that is, will know that everything in the above picture includes my favourite things! Tiger is one of my favourite shops, you can get so many great things from there on a good budget too! I cannot wait to dive in to the chocolate milk and rice cakes when I need a chocolate fix. I can also never have too much stationary (LIE: I have too much stationary but this pencil is TOO cute), so what's one more pencil to my collection?! Especially with a moustache topper, now I don't have one of those!

Frozen Chocolate Coins, hello? Do I need to say more? I LOVE Frozen so it was just inevitable that there would be something of this theme in there! As well as the Frozen gift bag too.

I've never tried Darkside Skittles before but I can't wait to try these. I'm going to be super nice and take them in to work with me tomorrow to share with everyone!

Cosy Socks - YES. I've been meaning to get some more as I'm sure mine have all been eaten by the washing machine, yeah that old one. So I'm loving these, especially with the bear (?)/panda (?)/animal thing on them!

Lastly, two products from The Body Shop Christmas Range, an incredible smelling Glazed Apple soap and Frosted Cranberry hand cream, oh they are just too good! I've already used the soap as I couldn't wait!

Michaella did good! What are your best Secret Santa presents?



  1. Aw I love your little gifts, it's nice when someones listened and got what you like! I tried my best this year to get them everything they wanted. Love those little socks! xx

    Tamz ||

  2. What lovely, thoughtful gifts! I definitely need to get down to The Body Shop to grab some of their festive bits.
    Zoe xx


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