Saturday, 5 December 2015

Winter Box Of Lame

This has got to be the best and most exciting box EVER. The Winter Box Of Lame is from That Lame Company and I was SUPER keen that I ordered one straight away, and bonus because it was a little cheaper. So WELL worth the money.

It dropped through my letterbox last Friday before PLB Santa's Grotto and I couldn't wait to get into it. But had to be super careful because, ya know, PHOTOS.

It was packed full of cards and stationary and all kinds of Christmassy goodness!

Each Big Winter Box of Lame includes:

  • 1 Notebook
  • 2 Art Prints
  • 1 Set of Insulting Incentives
  • 4 Christmas Cards
  • 2 "Modern Day" Greeting Cards
  • 1 Calendar/Weekly Planner
  • 1 Dipped Pencil Pack
  • 1 Pocket Mirror
Plus extra gifts from their small business partners, in this case I got:
  • Inna Box Design Earrings
  • ATinyMew Notebook
  • A Card from Laura Danby

So how perfect is this?! The Christmas cards are great as I'm sure I now no longer need to buy any this year! I absolutely love having postcards as I never know when I might need to use them and I also put them up on my wall as a bit of motivation, or humour in this case!

I'm clearly a stationary addict so I was so happy to see 2 new notebooks and a weekly planner! I've already started using the "My To-Do Lists, pages and pages of 'em" notebook to obviously make to-do lists..and I'm going to start using my weekly planner next week! I need to be more organised so this will definitely help!

The dipped pencil pack is adorable! And the pocket mirror is amazing! I recently misplaced my last one so I love this new one I've got!

That Lame Company have done such a great job and I really cannot wait to see what they've got in store for the new year!

What's your favourite product from the Winter Box of Lame?



  1. This is the dream. I love love love the to-do list and weekly calendar.... and everything else!

    Hannah xx

  2. I love this post so much, the photos are really good. Thank you for ordering and so happy you like it. Yay! :)

    Chloe // Mojichlo xxx

  3. Well this is just brilliant. I need this in my life for my MSc!


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