Friday, 1 January 2016

2016 & Veganuary

Happy New Year! I'm sure I said last year that I don't go big for New Years Eve, my favourite thing to do is stay in and wake up on the 1st ready to start as I mean to go on.

I go dry for January, as do my parents, so I'll have a couple on NYE but I really can't be dealing with the hangover on New Years Day.

Despite work being so crazy this past month, I've spent the past week getting extremely organised, sorting out meal plans, running goals and setting all kinds of goals for the coming year. It has definitely made me feel more positive and excited about what I can actually achieve.

I want to really focus on my career and my health this year and they are 100% my priorities (and blogging, but that goes without saying obvs) and if I get anywhere near my goals then I will be happy! I've even been for a run this morning, I will do this!

As you will probably have guessed from the title, I am taking part in Veganuary,  month of eating Vegan. I'm not entirely sure how I'm going to cope without chicken but it's worth a try! I've sat down and come up with a few ideas for all my meals and I'll be on the hunt for some new recipes that I can try. I've got a whole bunch of products to share with you in January and I cannot wait.

I'd absolutely love some recommendations for recipes and snacks!

What else will I be doing?

  • The 52 Week Saving Challenge - You put aside a certain amount of money relative to the week number, so for week 1 I'll save £1 etc, week 32 I'll save £32 and so on! By the end of the year I'll have £1378 which I will not be complaining about!
  • Keeping 4 Diaries - I got given two diaries for Christmas: The Happiness Planner and a 365 day diary! Plus I already have a day to day diary and One Line A Day, so I've got to keep up with those 4 and will put aside half an hour down time at the end of each day to write in these!
  • 30 x 30 challenge in January - HOPEFULLY I can achieve this. 30 minutes of exercise every day for 30 days, it's not much so I can definitely achieve this one.

What are your plans and goals for the New Year?


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  1. Good luck with all your goals!
    I like the 52-week saving challenge, might try that out myself if I can :)
    Jennifer x
    Ginevrella | Lifestyle Blog


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