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Diablo Sugarfree

For most people January is for detoxing and that health kick we all need, especially after overindulging at Christmas!

This is why :Diablo Sugarfree* is so perfect for this time of year as they're products are Sugar Free or have no added sugar. So you can still have that little bit of indulgence if you have the craving for it.

They do a great selection of products, typically chocolate based but who am I to complain about that?

Now despite these products being sugar free and having no added sugar, they aren't healthy which I was a bit disappointed about. For example, one of the cookies is over 100 calories, I mean that is quite a lot for what it's supposed to be.

Wafers: These Chocolate Wafers are so moreish and I could literally devour one right now! They have no added sugar but you really can't tell as they are still sweet from the chocolate. They are however 150 calories per 30g portion which I think is way too much to eat them all the time.. they are perfect as a treat but not as a regular snack! If it's to cut back on sugar you are looking for then it's perfect as there is only 1.9g.

Cookies: Now when I read the label on these I was a bit shocked as it said 100 calories per cookie! That's quite a lot for one cookie. However these are sugar free so if you want to cut out sugar from your diet but still want to indulge then these are perfect. The texture is great and the taste is still there despite having no sugar as I always expected the taste to really lack. This is a winner for me.

Muesli Bars: I got to try 3 different flavours of these: Apricot, Lime and Cranberry & Raspberry. I love all the flavours and with only 106 calories each, I was quite happy with this and would definitely buy them again based on how they taste and they are lower in calories compared to other cereal bars. These muesli bars have no added sugar so still have 2.7g in them but I can imagine this is from the fruits and syrup in the bar. So again another product I would repurchase.

Chocolate Bars: I also got to try two different chocolate bars - the no added sugar milk chocolate and the sugar free dark chocolate with hazelnuts. The milk chocolate honestly tasted like normal chocolate so you can guess that it didn't last long. Each portion was 70 calories, compared to your Dairy Milk which is 120 calories for even half the bar. Plus in the :Diablo Chocolate bar there is 1.2g of sugar per portion compared to more than 4g of sugar in one square of Dairy Milk which is incredible. I know which one I would choose!

Hazelnut Chocolate Spread: I don't know if any of you have ever looked at a Nutella label but I would suggest you don't. Sure it tastes great but it is pretty much pure sugar. However, in :Diablo No Added Sugar Hazelnut Chocolate Spread per portion there are 74 calories and 1.3g sugar. This is nothing on Nutella and it tastes identical to Nutella, you really can't go wrong!

There are several other products I didn't get to try such as their bags of sweets which look so good!

I think these products are a great concept and it goes to show you don't have to lose out on taste by cutting down on sugar! Plus the products are totally affordable which you can find here.

Would you try these sugar free products?

(And on a little side note, I am still doing Veganuary, I ate these before any healthy eating began and before I went Vegan! Don't panic, I haven't failed you all yet!)

*PR Sample

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