Sunday, 24 January 2016

Itsu Secret of Life Box

I am a massive fan of Itsu products. I love their seaweed things as a snack so whenI got to try their new Secret of Life Miso Box* I jumped at the chance. 

Itsu Grocery is where you can get all your favourite Itsu products from. They do 6 different flavours of noodle pots, basically a much tastier, healthier, posh pot noodle. This is definitely on my list of products to try. You can also get their seaweed thins which come in 3 flavours, however wasabi is hands down my favourite flavour and they're only 22 calories per pack.

They also do a "healthy snacking" range with a whole load of snacks. I know I would love the mango and I'd also love to try their wasabi peas. Itsu also do a small ingredients range which includes sauces and also hot su post sauce which is a hot sauce (basically in the name) which can be used on salads, sandwiches and any meal needing some spice. I think I'll be picking up one of these when I next go to an Itsu restaurant in London (or at least that's my excuse to go and eat loads of their delicious food).

Their last product is of course miso soup. The Secret Of Life box is perfect at £7.20 and it's letter box shape which means you don't even have to be home to take the parcel. This is a massive positive for me, there's nothing worse than having to go to the post office for something that could fit through the letterbox!

Inside the box is 12 sachets of Vegetarian Miso Soup. You can also get a Meat Version which I would love to try soon!

Each of the sachets is in liquid form as opposed to powder form which you can often find in the supermarket. It is less than 44 calories per serving which makes it perfect for making swaps on a diet and when detoxing.

Miso Soup is high in protein, vitamins and fibre and great for strengthening immunity and digestion, preventing osteoporosis and obesity and aiding memory.

These sachets are perfect for lunches and still keep you full. It's definitely different from your regular soup and is an acquired taste so may not be for everyone!

Once I finish this box, I'm definitely going to be ordering another one!

Do you like Miso Soup? Will you be purchasing a Secret Of Life Box?

*PR Sample


  1. Oooh these sound fantastic. I'm a big fan of Miso Soup so I'll definitely pick one of these up when I can :)

    Tamsyn-Elizabeth | Peaches and Bear

    1. You should! They're great and you can grab one on their website :) x


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