Monday, 11 January 2016

T Plus Teas

I never knew how many teas you could get until I started blogging.

I've recently found T Plus* teas which are no ordinary tea and while they taste amazing, always a bonus!, they actually have health benefits too and in the cold January month, they are really coming in handy.

First of all I tried t+ multivitamin which is lemon and peach. From my last post on T-Sticks, peach was one of my favourite flavours so already I was excited about this one. It is a natural blend of green tea, herbs, fruit and vitamins and packed full of goodness. It also has rosemary, dried apricot and pumpkin in which at first I found a little odd but the flavour is so subtle which means you can't taste it too much. Plus it adds to the health benefits so that's ok! My favourite time to drink this is around 11am if I'm at work as a mid morning pick up, so I know I've got my vitamins for the day!

The second tea I got to try was t+ boost which is raspberry and pomegranate - two of my favourite fruits! As with t+ multi vitamins, t+ boost is a natural blend of green tea, herbs, fruit and vitamins. This tea has yerba mate, ginseng and rose hip in it which contributes to the boost of the tea instead of the flavour. I love to have this tea first thing in the morning or in the afternoon before my run that evening. It has energy releasing B vitamins which are absolutely perfect for that boost! I really don't like having more than one cup of coffee a day unless it is really needed so I love drinking this tea to avoid a mid afternoon slump!

I love the flavour and benefits of these teas and they're even better because they're individually wrapped, the way all tea should come!

You can get your own box for £2.76 here and be sure to check out their twitter and stunning Instagram!

*PR Sample

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  1. So much tea! The raspberry and pomegranate ones sound amazing!I love tea that tastes good but is also amazing for your health. Although I can't beat a cup (or 10) of green tea!

    Ami xxx


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