Monday, 4 January 2016


So I think I have found the most exciting tea product like ever. Tea Bags are one thing but T-Sticks*?! These are the best invention ever and are perfect for when you're on the go, you don't need a respond so there's no mess.

The tea is all contained in an aluminium foil stick and contains amazing flavours. It's a completely new concept that is certainly a luxury for any tea drinker!

I was lucky enough to try The Earl's Favourite, Moroccan Minty Green, Fruity Forest, Perfectly Peach, Tangy Orange and Rockin' Rooibos. It is honestly so hard to choose a favourite but I can narrow it down to two!

The Earl's Favourite - I have only recently tried Earl Grey but I really like it! It's not quite your English Breakfast tea but if I'm in the mood for something a bit weaker and a different taste then this is my go to tea! The great thing about having Earl Grey in a T-Stick is that you can let it infuse for a while and use it as a spoon to stir in the milk! It's great!

Moroccan Minty Green - oh myyyy! I have completely fallen in love with mint tea. I love the health benefits of it and whenever I feel a bit down or groggy then I reach for the mint tea! It is literally the best pick me up!

Fruity Forest - Berries are my favourite fruits hands down so when I first started drinking fruit and herbal teas, I went for berry fruit teas so this is a blast from the past and kind of comforting! It had a really strong flavour too which I loved.

Perfectly Peach - and oh perfection is what it is! I absolutely love peach so this was right up my street and I was so looking forward to trying it. It exceeded all of my expectations and it has such a fresh taste which I love and I've found a new favourite in this tea!

Tangy Orange - I can't say that this is one of my favourite flavours but if you love orange flavours then this one is intense and could be for you! 

Rockin' Rooibos - This is one that took me a bit of getting used to as you can have it with or without milk and I definitely prefer it without milk.

I honestly love that you can make tea without any mess and even less washing up (am I right that this is a massive winner?). You can get your own at for £4.75 for a box of 15, or 120 for £35, I mean if you love the tea that much!

The flavours are great and I cannot recommend T-Sticks enough!

*PR Sample



  1. Thanks Adele for this great post about our product! We are really pleased you enjoyed our tea (and the lack of washing up! Definitely a hit in our office kitchen too...!)

  2. These look lovely (you know how much I love tea)! I don't think Orange would be one of my favourites either but I'd be intrigued to try it. The minty green sounds nice too!

    Ami xxx


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