Monday, 15 February 2016

Lush Southampton Valentine's Day Event

On Friday night I was lucky enough to attend an event at Lush Southampton for their Valentine's Day Get Ready With Me evening.

The Lush staff were so friendly when I arrived and they quickly introduced themselves before explaining all of their Valentine's products.

I bought Unicorn Horn last week so I already had an idea of what it was like but it smells amazing! The lavender in it makes your bath really calming and the ylang ylang oil gives it a more floral scent!

They gave a demonstration of the Lover Lamp bath bomb which I loved so I bought one myself. It has a strong scent of vanilla and also has orange oil which is really refreshing. It's great and everything until you have to clean off the floating hearts from the bath!

I wish I'd picked up one of the Roses All The Way soaps. They smell incredible and are perfect for anyone who loves Alice In Wonderland as the rose soap is white and spray painted red, painting the roses red and all that. They are presented on a large green heart soap which is unscented and going to be cut up and sent out to local shelters for people to use, I mean how great is that?!

I am completely in love with The Kiss lip balm. It is so soft and has such a pretty colour, it's going straight in my bag for when I need it. I also love The Kiss lip scrub but I didn't get one as I'm still working through my Bubblegum one.

We were then shown how to make their cupcake face mask and what was in it. I've got quite problematic skin and they said the face mask would be good for this so I cannot wait to try it.

They then showed us all their makeup products which I never knew they had so many! They do so many colours that can be used as lip, cheek or eye makeup. Plus they have such fun names!

After learning so much and having a great evening, I grabbed some products I wanted to try and headed home.

I met some great bloggers who I will hopefully see again soon!

Thank you to Lush Southampton for being such great hosts and for a great evening!


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