Friday, 26 February 2016

T2 Sweet Dreams Tea

I haven't done a tea review in so long, in fact my last one was here.

My mum recently went to T2 and picked up some tea, obvs, she bought me back a cube of their Sweet Dreams loose leaf tea. I forgot about it for a week or so and recently opened it to try it.

In the blend is: chamomile, apple, silver lime flavour and lavender. It is so amazing!

I used 1 tsp of the loose leaf tea with hot water an hour or so before I was going to bed.

The flavours are absolutely perfect together. I wasn't sure if I would enjoy it because of the lavender and rose in it as it can sometimes be overpowering if there is too much in it which isn't very nice!

However, this T2 Sweet Dreams tea was not overpowering of flavours I didn't like and actually had a strong apple taste which I loved.

This is obviously a night time tea and ever since I have been having a cup of this before I go to sleep, I have been sleeping so well! It's a winner for me!

Why tea should I try next?


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  1. I love T2 and always pick up a box in Westfield. Got this one in my cupboard at home - still have yet to try it. Currently on coco loco - also another winner in my book..!

    Gem x


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