Sunday, 20 March 2016

Being Me.

This post could definitely go either way right now, I haven't blogged in a couple of weeks, not properly anyway. So here's a little check in with you all. I've got blog posts I want to write, and I do want to write them, but I just can't seem to sit down and let the thoughts spill onto the page like they normally would. It's so frustrating and annoying that I can't blog when I still talk about it and do everything that I would normally do, just without the posts.

I went through a stage a couple of weeks ago, I was literally ready to give it all up, pack it in, delete the site, all over a situation I was put in. It was definitely a low place and I didn't particularly enjoy what was going on, nor would anyone. A lot of people told me to take a couple of weeks off and see how I feel then come back to it. You were all right. So thank you all for the advice, I definitely do feel better about it.

There is one other motivating factor that is playing in me getting back to writing - I watch a lot of Youtube. Like more than is socially acceptable. Like so much that I am considering writing a post on my favourite YouTubers. WHAT IS MY LIFE. Anyway, I found them so motivating, I know they do it for a living but they're going out there to seize every opportunity, what am I doing? Not enough that's for sure. So I think if I want to have this great life through my little bit of the internet, I need to sort myself out and get writing, exactly what I will be doing from now on. 

And lastly I would like to take this moment to say how amazing these prints from That Lame Company* are. I did a reshuffle on my wall to pop them above my desk so every time I sit down I can see these motivational prints. I REALLY want some gold frames to put them in but I can't find the right ones, so this will do for now! The quality of their products is amazing, the card is thick and the gold cut outs are so cute. They are well worth a look at, plus their Spring Box of Lame is released this week, and omg, so excited.

(This was totally supposed to be a post about fate, but I sort of got sidetracked)

*PR Sample

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