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17 Ways To Decorate Your Bullet Journal

I have been using my Bullet Journal for two months now, and I honestly don't know what I would do without it. Half my life is in there, I've got ALL the lists in the world in there, where I want to travel, to do lists, goals, and so many more. I also love putting quotes and postcards in there as a "filler".

What I love about Bullet Journals is that every person's is going to be unique to them, yes we share ideas but no one will have the same and all set ups are going to be different! I've been figuring out how to decorate my Bullet Journal to make it a bit more creative and something more adventurous for me, so it is literally not just list after list.

Please note: this is a long post, grab a cuppa.
  1. Washi Tape

    When Bureau Direct asked me to do a post on how I use Washi Tape in my Bullet Journal and offered to send me some Washi Tape, I couldn't resist! I am a massive sucker for Washi Tape as it is, so I couldn't resist. They sent me Maste: Panda* & Airplane* Washi Tape and MT: Blue*, Bunting* & Stamp* Washi Tape. You will see various pictures throughout this post of the tape in use but I absolutely love it! I use it to stick down postcards, inserts, decorate the tops or sides of pages, use it as borders, the list is literally endless!

    I must say, the quality of the Maste and MT Washi Tapes are next level! They do not lose their stickiness instantly, they are thick for tape yet thin enough to not bulk out the book(!), and they feel so nice on the page, which is an odd thing to say but I just appreciate the quality of these so much!

  2. Small Doodles - Now my drawing is shockingly bad, so you won't see any of these any time soon! But if you check out the likes of Boho Berry then she is absolutely goals for your Bullet Journal! I love how even the smallest doodle can make your page and also show what you've done that day! And again, makes it very much individual to you.
  3. Postcards - I absolutely love postcards, I am constantly buying them so I have a massive stash, so I have started putting them throughout my Bullet Journal and sticking them down with Washi Tape.

    This does look like a bit of a sad page, I wrote it when it popped up on my facebook and I was having a bit of a bad day, so whenever I have a bad moment I've always got this to remind myself tomorrow could be a better day, more often than not it is! I've got plenty of shorter quotes dotted through my Bullet Journal that I might share one day!

  5. Stickers - I'm a massive fan of stickers, it fills tiny spaces and adds colour to the more boring tasks! I get mine from literally anywhere, Paperchase are seriously overpriced but obviously do really nice ones, I've also got some of mine from Hema and Tiger which are more affordable and much easier for everyday use too.
  6. Coloured Pens

    I always use coloured pens, 9 times out of 10 anyway as sometimes I prefer just a classic black layout. It makes a big difference I find and means I can make some things stand out more than others if I feel like it is an important event or needs highlighting! Paper mate Flair in Medium are my favourite to use currently as they don't bleed nor have much ghosting through the page. I also use Staetdler fine liners, however don't think some of the lighter colours show up which is frustrating sometimes!

  7. Printed Inserts 

    I've recently joined Boho Berry's mailing list and she has some exclusive documents for subscribers, I printed out two - "follow your arrow" with examples of decorative arrows, perfect for inspiration, and her monthly plan with me challenge. I have popped both of these in my Bullet Journal to refer back to.

  8. Monthly Cover Pages - I always have a cover page for a new month, this is not for everyone but I absolutely love it! For me, it's the beginning and start of a new month, it stands out and means I can find each month really quickly! I'm still working on June's, but I think I will share my June set up next week!
  9. Colouring Book Pages - This is one decorative way to cover a page that I have been seeing more and more regularly recently. Obviously Adult Colouring Books have been a big thing over the past year or so, it makes sense to add a pretty colouring page into your Bullet Journal. Also, the perfect way to cover up a wrong page! I've recently found some colouring post cards which I will be adding in, so more to follow from me on this one!
  10. Stencils - Again, something I am yet to invest in. I also haven't found the right stencil for me yet but it's the perfect way to add in shapes and borders quickly and at least they will be more perfect than drawing free hand, for me at least!
  11. Decorative Paper - I love the idea of using decorative paper in a similar way to scrapbooking, I've got so many scraps of paper that would make great backgrounds or to write special memories on to and stick in with some washi tape!
  12. Photos - This is personally not quite up my street as I would way prefer to use my photos in a scrapbook or photo album! However, I know plenty of people like to add in photos as memories for that week! But who knows, I may add some in the future soon.
  13. Journal Cards - I'm thinking Project Life cards here. If you make a mistake, similar with using postcards, these are great ways to cover them up. Or these can be used in the corner of the page if you have a gap, as Project Life cards are much smaller.
  14. Post-It Notes - Ok, so this technically isn't decorating, but I do think they play a part in making your bullet journal more colourful. You can get post-it notes in practically any colour and size now, and I know plenty of people have one spread for something like meal planning and it means being able to swap this weekly to update the meal plans.
  15. Pretty Headers - I am all for pretty headers and titles. I think they really make or break a page for me, if I've got a really nice title or writing then it sets off the page to a good start and I'm more likely to be happy with the end result!
  16. Calligraphy Pens - this is an absolute dream of mine to have, I would absolutely love some brush pens or a really nice set of calligraphy pens! I think it makes the headings so much nicer and definitely stands out more than fineliners.
  17. Pretty Borders - I've yet to have a small space to fill on one of my pages, but if I did, I would pop a short quote, surrounded by a pretty border.

Oh my, what a list! These are just some of the ideas that I currently use or will be using in the future, there's only so much you can cram into two months!

How do you like to decorate your Bullet Journal?

Would you like to see weekly Bullet Journal posts?

*Products kindly received from Bureau Direct

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  1. A lot of these suggestions are currently in use on my pages, a sort of crossover thing between my BuJo and Smashbook, but I love each of your ideas....great read!


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