Saturday, 7 May 2016

Bullet Journal: Square Grid vs. Dot Grid

It's safe to say Bullet Journals have taken over the blogging world. How else can you take note of every aspect of your life in one book? I first started my Bullet Journal at the beginning of April after a couple of weeks of lots of research and watching far too many YouTube videos. If you are just starting out then I would recommend watching Rhianna's YouTube video.

I started out with a square grid notebook, a cheap one I found in WHSmith until I was I would stick at it. Bureau Direct* asked me to compare using a Square Grid vs. a Dot Grid notebook. Kirsty Leanne also has a great post on Getting Started too.

At first I thought I would prefer the square grid but each paper type has its pros!

Square Grid Pros:
  • There is a lot more structure to the page - in the sense that it is all completely lined
  • The grid is easier to see which I find much easier to write on
  • In the LEUCHTTURM1917, there is a space for the date at the top of each page which is irrelevant to Bullet Journals in most cases (ok, so not a pro but it needed to be said)
  • I quite like fitting one letter per square with the definitive lines around it
  • I love doing the habit tracker on a square grid, there's something more satisfying about colouring in a square
Dot Grid Pros:
  • It is only dotted, meaning if you are doing some fancy drawing or writing then the lines won't show through
  • You can write along the page just as if it was lined paper
  • There is definitely more freedom with how you draw and write on the page, the squares in a grid feel more restricted
  • I think one thing people can doubt is that the lettering can be aligned easily, with all those pretty borders you'll be drawing too
  • There's no date at the top of each dot grid page so you literally have a blank canvas

So there you have it, I think after I properly finish my current square grid notebook I will be setting up the dot grid notebook for my new Bullet Journal. Can we also just take a minute to appreciate this Royal Blue LEUCHTTURM1917?

I will say the LEUCHTTURM1917 is a great first notebook to start with. I love that it has two page markers, chances are I'll be referring to different pages all at once. Another very popular reason people choose a LEUCHTTURM1917 for Bullet Journalling is for the index at the beginning and each page is numbered. Plus it has great quality paper so most pens do not bleed through to the other side, pet peeve right there.

What do you think of Bullet Journalling?

*This post is in collaboration with Bureau Direct

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  1. I have been meaning to start my own bullet journal now for quite a few months but have just never got round to doing it.
    Alicia x

  2. Thinking about starting bullet journaling, mostly I see either squared or dotted. But can you use lined notebook. Pro and cons?

    1. I started in a lined composition notebook and it works, it takes a little while to set up spreads because you have to draw out all your vertical lines with a ruler. The show through on the other side is hard to deal with sometimes, I do a lot of colored pencils for my color to reduce the bleed through. No matter what you use it is mostly preference on your part I am thinking trying a dot grid for my next bullet journal. I just started it this past January but I am already finding what I like and don't like. The key is just start in what you have


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