Sunday, 8 May 2016

Fry's Vegetarian Blogger Challenge #1

(Photo Credit: Fry's Vegetarian)

Last month I was set a challenge of eating seven days meat free. Admittedly I struggled to do seven days in a row as life took whirlwind turn so I was barely home. However I thought I would give a bit of an introduction into Fry's Vegetarian* food and some of the early thoughts I had.

Their Story:
Fry's started off as a small innovative journey from a family kitchen. The committed vegetarians began to make protein alternatives for their own consumption.

After only one year, in 1992, Fry Group Foods was established. To the day, it is still owned and run by the Fry's family and it has grown into the brand it is today.

My First Thoughts:
I got to try a whole selection of their foods but as a quick introduction before my main blog post this week, I initially tried their Banger-Style Traditional Sausages.

These were so easy to cook, roughly 10 minutes in a frying pan and they're all nice and crispy! I served mine with chips the first time round as a quick and easy dinner.

The second time I had these I made a sausage and egg sandwich which was so delicious! It was a different way to eat them compared to last time and could be eaten for any meal of the day. I had mine for lunch and have since had it for breakfast too.

The second product I tried was chicken-style nuggets, again with chips. Now for someone who enjoys a good chicken nugget every now and again, I really enjoyed these! They have the same texture and a very similar taste too which is always good! I am also planning on cooking some of these up with some rice or pasta for a nice and easy lunch!

My first impressions of the products are good! I could definitely imagine myself picking up some in the supermarket if I saw them!

I cannot wait to share the rest of the products I tried from the Fry's collection!

What do you think of Protein Alternatives? Do you think they are a good idea and worth it?

*This post is in collaboration with Fry's

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  1. this is a great challenge for bloggers to try :) I'm glad you enjoyed the products. I'd love it if you'd comment back xx


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