Monday, 6 June 2016

2016 - My Year

Now, without completely jinxing my entire life and having literally everything taken away again, 2016 seems to be working out pretty alright for me.

Yes, it's June, no I haven't lost weight, no I haven't saved nearly as much money as I would have liked to but I am very determined to turn that all around this month.

However, I have got a new job, again. Yes, that's the second time this year that I've gone "HEY I've got a new job and my life is coming together". But, it's really coming together this time. The last two months have been pretty insane if you ask me, but the best kind of insane you could ever imagine.

So last time I wrote about my job, I told you I got full time Supervisor but really the goal was, and has been since the beginning of the year, to get an Assistant Manager position. Well, this time, I've really done it. I took a chance to be really honest, I must have applied for about 20 odd jobs and then the same jobs kept coming up so there weren't really anymore to apply for. There's a new store opening in my area, a brand which I know and would have loved to have worked for, so I got an interview and the next morning got a call, so I was pretty happy to say the least! It was a massive relief to see what I had worked so hard for, become a reality. 

I wrote a post in April on What is Happiness? Wellllll, it's pretty great, as a follow up on that you can totally check out my Instagram to see what, or should I say who, has played a big part in that. Because, in April I couldn't really share what/who it was. Soz.

This post has been far too bitty for my liking, but that's my life, and it's sort of coming together, and that's kind of a pretty amazing feeling.

Now, if anyone has any weight loss motivation or money saving tips, I would be forever grateful because I need all the help right now!

P.S. I have been so bad at blogging for months now, but I promise (or will aim to) to blog 3 days a week, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday's for the foreseeable future, and if you get more than that then you lucky things, if I barely scrape that, soz.

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