Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Father's Day Gift Guide

Helllllo! So I'm not doing well with this whole posting regularly on here, but I've got an exciting post today with gift ideas for Father's Day. 

With Father's Day right around the corner, and I mean it's this weekend for anyone who may have forgotten. So I thought I would share a few ideas of what you could get!

Aftershave - A Classic! If you know what your Dad would like in a scent then there are always some great deals going on to get some Aftershave at a decent price!

Chocolate - always a winner! Need I say more?!

Beer or Wine or some form of alcoholic beverage - You know the sort. Whatever your Dad's favourite drink is, get him a bottle of that. I'm sure he would be very grateful!


If your Dad is a businessman or often has to wear a shirt and cufflinks (well duh!) then a new set of cufflinks would be perfect. These Howick Cufflinks from House of Fraser would be perfect. The Howick Tailored Square Honeycomb Mother of Pearl cufflinks* are the perfect gift and are only £15.40. Look how classy these are?!

Gift Voucher - a bit of a cop out if you ask me but at least your Dad will be able to go and choose something he loves.

Everyday Carry Items 

The chances are most Father's will be on the go and will need a few items to always carry around. This pencil case is perfect to carry around any pens or accessories he may need to. This is the Kokuyo NeoCritz Transformer pencil case** from Bureau Direct can hold a great deal and has lots of little pockets for when you want to stand it on your desk but it also folds away small so you can carry it around easily everyday. It is a bargain at £12.50 and Bureau Direct do free delivery over £10! The pencil case also comes in Black/Red, Light Green/Dark Green and Turquoise/Navy. However, I am partial to the Grey/Pink colour scheme! I am completely in love with mine and will definitely be carrying mine everywhere I go!

Another perfect gift for Father's Day are these Field Notes** in Pitch Black and "The Expedition" Limited Edition, both of which are £7.95, will both be winners. The Pitch Black Collection would be a classier version of the Field Notes with dot grid paper making it a bit more versatile than your standard lined paper. The Expedition Collection is perfect for anyone who likes to be outdoors and as we all know the English weather all too well, this pack of 3 notebooks are waterproof. It's true, I tested them, the whole book is waterproof! So, if your Dad is likely to be in the rainy weather and needs some notes, these notebooks would be absolutely perfect!!

What are you getting your Dad for Father's Day?

*PR Sample kindly received from House of Fraser
**PR Sample kindly received from Bureau Direct

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