Sunday, 3 July 2016

Alphabet Dating - A & B

For a little while now, my Boyfriend and I have been planning to do Alphabet Dating. So for anyone who doesn't know what that is, you take a letter of the alphabet and pick something to do beginning with that letter, starting with A and finishing at Z. For example, for H you could go Horse Riding.

It all stemmed from us going on our first date to the Zoo and I suggested we go to the Aquarium (so you can guess what we did for A). And being quite a competitive pair, we also wanted to go can see where this is going. That's when my Boyfriend suggested Alphabet Dating. So we knew what A and B would be but the rest is a surprise.

Now because I am probably the best Girlfriend in the world, I didn't just want to go to the Aquarium, that would be no fun.

I started the date by picking him up and presenting him with a few treats. The night before I had made some mini apple pies (which were delicious if I say so myself), I had bought some Alphabet Letter Sweets and some Appletiser, plus a few other bits. I had also written a little card but that will remain unseen!

We headed to the Aquarium and enjoyed a couple of hours there (it's tiny so we didn't need much more than that) and they also have an Arcade next door (convenient with it being an A alphabet date eh?). I will leave you with a mini photo diary.

It has got to be one of the best dates we have ever been on and one of the best days ever!

For anyone who is going to try this, here is some inspiration for A:
Date Ideas: Art Gallery, Adventure Gold, Archery
Food: Asian, American, anything Apple
Extras: Appreciate, Affection

On to B. I was so looking forward to this! I've wanted to go Bowling for such a long time, and even better to go with my Boyfriend. We went to the Bowling Alley in Southampton as it is so much better than our local one. We enjoyed 3 games there, I say we, I mean he very much enjoyed beating me for two games but I stole the last one back, I couldn't let him have all the victory could I?! We then headed back to town and went to Byron's to eat Burgers, because it is literally my favourite place to eat! Ain't he cute?! It was such a great evening and it makes me so excited to see what else he has planned.

Unfortunately I didn't get any photos of that night, but here is some inspiration for B:
Date Ideas: Bingo, Bike Riding, Boats, Balloon Ride
Food: BBQ
Extras: Bubble Bath, Bear (a good old teddy bear), walking on the Beach

Aren't we adorable?

What should I do for C?!

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