Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Back To School with Derwent & Write Size

If my last post for Back to School did not sway you to go out and buy a whole load of stationery then this post most definitely will.

I was so grateful when I received the most amazing products from Derwent.

I instantly opened the Derwent Colouring Book* and Derwent Metallic Pencils* because ermagod metallic colouring pencils! It's not often that I am blown away by colouring pencils but these were magical! They colour so smoothly and blend so well, making colouring so much more fun and they now look pretty artistic for me. I had to start colouring with them right away, before I even photographed them, blogger problems! I will definitely be using them in other colouring books I have.

I also received Blendable Colouring Pencils*, these were even softer than the metallic colouring pencils and an absolute dream to colour with. It can make the most dull picture so much more creative, interesting and pretty!

I also received a large tin of their artist pencils*, now I'm no artist but I sure do appreciate a good set of pencils when I see them! These would be perfect for anyone who is taking Art or simply loves drawing.

Another product I received for Back To School was a selection of pencils from Write Size*. Write Size specialise in creating pencils aimed at a certain age group. So typically those of ages 2-6 years, 6-10 years and 10+ years have a certain size hand. These pencils are cut to a certain length and width to make it much easier for the pencil to fit in their hand when they are writing at school or at home. Genius? Yeah I think so.

*Products kindly received for review purposes from Smallman Media

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Monday, 29 August 2016

Back To School with Fabriano Boutique

As a self confessed stationery hoarder and addict, Back to School is the perfect time for me! There is nothing better than those Back to School sales and promotions to stock up!

I am already a big fan of Fabriano notebooks as it was the home to my first Bullet Journal and I now have a replacement! This beautiful blue, white and green patterned notebook* has dot grid pages which is what I prefer to Bullet Journal in and I would most definitely have an Academic Bullet Journal if I was still studying. The blue notebook* is a staple for studying. With great quality paper and lined pages, I would 100% use this for study notes, but instead I will be using it for blogging notes!

This stunning linen pouch* has got to be a new favourite of mine, with 2 pens, a pencil, a small ruler and a pocket for a sharpener and rubber, I carry this everywhere! It has all your basics that you need and is so tiny it fits in your bag nicely! There's also room for a highlighter and some coloured pens and pencils, if, like me, you prefer to have your notes a bit more pretty!

I have drawers full of stationery perfect for back to school, my staples would include:
  • A4/A5 lined notebooks
  • A pencil case
  • A selection of coloured pens and normal biros
  • A few highlighters
  • A ruler, sharpener and rubber
  • Sticky notes
  • Paperclips
  • Folders
Quite literally everything!

What are your Back To School essentials?

*Products gifted for review from Smallman Media

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Friday, 19 August 2016

Blossoming Gifts

I absolutely love receiving flowers, I mean who doesn't? There's something so great about having a big bunch of flowers sat on the table because someone has sought of you and wants to see you smile when they give them to you. Am I right?

Blossoming Gifts* got in touch to say they wanted to do just this, I, of course, happily agreed and chose the stunning Cinder Rose bouquet which included the most beautiful pink roses, white anastasia alstroemeria and dainty gypsophila. I was in love the minute it arrived at my door.

My favourite thing about getting flowers delivered to my house is the quality. I often find that the quality of the flowers is incredible, when you follow the care instructions that you are given, the flowers last twice as long and can even last as long as a couple of weeks!

There is so much to choose from on the Blossoming Gifts site, and it is so much more than just flowers. It is actual gifts which is obviously in the name! You can upgrade to add a vase to the bouquet of flowers or perhaps a bottle of Prosecco. I mean anyone that gives you flowers and Prosecco is surely a keeper, am I right?! They also do Hampers, of which I am a massive fan, these are great for gifts and are always such great value!

You can get 33% off your own bouquet of flowers with the discount code BGIFTS33 (please note: this code does not apply to the flowers by post range). So what are you waiting for?!

*Blossoming Gifts kindly sent the beautiful bouquet of flowers featured in this post

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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

The Magical Warner Bros. Studios

At the end of July, Phil and I spent the weekend just outside of Watford in Kings Langley which was full of the cutest coffee shops, pubs and an adorable little sweet shop.

It was Phil's Birthday the weekend before and this was my birthday present to him, a weekend away and a trip to the Warner Bros. Studios as we love Harry Potter, it was a no brainer.

This post is much more like a photo diary, so if you don't want to see any spoilers, read my most recent post here.

When we arrived we grabbed some headsets, which really made it so much more enjoyable, and got in the very long queue to get in to the studios.

Before you start the tour, you watch a couple of videos in two different cinema rooms and very much to my surprise, after the last video, the screen rolls up to reveal The Great Hall doors. The Magic had begun.

The Studios is made up of two Units, J and K, see what they did there!

It is 100% worth the money and an amazing day out. We spent a good 4 to 5 hours there and we enjoyed every second, so much so that we want to go again! I personally really want to go at Christmas.

My Top Tips:
  • Get there in plenty of time, the magic starts in the foyer and it means you can get food, drinks and get ready to spend a few hours walking around the Studios
  • I strongly recommend getting the headsets, you get so much more information on them than just reading the different panels at each stop. 
  • Leave yourself plenty of time to spend there, if I had managed to get a lunch time tour, I have no doubt we would have spent hours there.
  • Make sure you try the Butter Beer, it is not for everyone but Phil loved it!
  • Stop at the shop at Platform 9 ¾, some of those gifts are exclusive to that shop and cannot be found at the main shop at the end! I'm so glad I managed to pick up some postcards there as they were not in the main shop.
  • Check to see what events are going on, they constantly have events on!
  • Take a good camera for ALL the photo opportunities
Have you been? What was your favourite part?

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Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Bullet Journal Giveaway!

Hello! It has been such long time since I have done a giveaway but I have teamed up with JB Welly to bring you a Bullet Journal Starter Set to give away! And I am pleased to say it will be open Worldwide!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
T's & C's:
  • You will receive LEUCTTURM1917 B5 Journal in Navy and Pen Loop, Pilot Fountain Pen in Turquoise, a Set of Washi Tape, a set of pens, Sticky Tabs and Gold Clips
  • The competition is open Worldwide
  • Giveaway ends 18th September
  • There will be one winner chosen
  • I will contact the winner as soon as one is chosen and you will have 14 days to respond before another winner is chosen
  • I will be posting the product myself, I do not hold responsibility for the prize once it has been posted should it be lost or damaged
  • This prize cannot be swapped or refunded for any other product
  • If you have any other questions please contact

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Monday, 15 August 2016

Alphabet Date D

I can't believe we're already on date D, almost one fifth of the way through the alphabet!

It was all down to Phil to organise a date for D, and boy did he do good!

I had been saying for a little while that I wanted to go to Lulworth Cove and see Durdle Door, a bit of a coincidence when that starts with D!

This is exactly what he had planned. We headed for our hour long drive to the coast and found a car park close by to Durdle Door and walked down to the beach. However in true British Style, we did not have the weather on our side, it was drizzly, wet and cold!

While Phil had prepared a great picnic, we ended up eating it in the car as we definitely could not sit down on the beach. The picnic of course included Diet Coke for me, big fan of that!

In the afternoon we headed back to my house were we Dined in, see what we did there ;)! And chilled out for a while.

We may have also gone for a Pokewalk (which yes, is totally a thing!) around our Cathedral and then for a drink to keep in theme with D date!

Despite the typically British weather, it was such a lovely day! Phil got massive bonus points for being so unbelievably thoughtful!

I absolutely love going on days out like this. Durdle Door was stunning and wandering around Salisbury Cathedral late in the evening was also beautiful...even if there were loads of other people on Pokewalks themselves!

Some inspiration for your own D Date:
Dates: Diving, Darts, Dancing, Driving
Food: Donuts, Dinner, Dessert, Doritos, Diet Coke
Extras: Disney, Discover, Draw, Dedicate

I now have my work cut out for me planning E.

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Friday, 12 August 2016

Longleat 50th Anniversary

A few weeks ago, I was kingly contacted by Longleat* to ask if I wanted to get involved in their 50th Anniversary celebrations. It is no word of a lie, I absolutely love going to the Zoo, I've been 3 times this year along and considering I don't live especially close to one, nor are they cheap, it can get quite pricey. So, I didn't exactly hesitate when I was invited by Longleat!

If there was one thing I knew I had to do, it was to feed the Giraffes. They absolutely fascinate me so I made sure I found out what time the feeding time was so I could do it, which also worked out perfectly with everything else we wanted to fit in.

For anyone who hasn't been to Longleat before, the Park is split up into two areas - the Main Square and the Safari Drive Through.

Whenever I go, I always head over to the Safari Drive Through where you can stop just before and get out of your car to see the Giraffes, Lemurs and Wallabys. There is also a small place for snacks called the Watering Hole and also a gift shop. I've always enjoyed this part as it is where you can feed the Giraffes which we of course did!

After plenty of photos, and walking with Lemurs, we got back in the car, switched on the CD we were given and drove round the Safari. The amount of animals we saw were endless! I couldn't even pick a favourite, however I was secretly very pleased the monkeys didn't take a liking to my car so didn't destroy it! I also loved going through the Lion and Tiger Country as they are such beautiful animals!

When we finished the Safari, we went back to the Main Square to see all the festivities there.

It was all decorated for their 50th Anniversary and African Summer, it looked amazing!

We didn't actually have time to do everything around the Main Square as there just wasn't time! So we prioritised and went on the Jungle Cruise and looked around Longleat House.

On the Jungle Cruise we got to see 4 different Gorillas, a whole bunch of Seals and a pair of Hippos sleeping soundly at the edge of the lake. The guy who was on our boat talking us through all the animals was hilarious which made it all the more fun.

By this point it was time to watch the parade and while we didn't have the best seats in the house, we still got a good view and it was so much fun! The atmosphere was great and everyone was having such a great time! There were African dancers everywhere and the music was blaring, I still can't get it out of my head. The floats were so cute and well thought out. They definitely captured Longleat!

All in all, it was an amazing day out and I couldn't recommend it more if you are considering going!

*A massive thank you to Longleat for sending my Family and I to the Safari Park for the day!

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