Monday, 8 August 2016

Alphabet Date C

If you read my last post on Alphabet Dating, you will know we have already done A and B for which we went to the Aquarium and went Bowling!

It was my turn to plan our C date so I went out and bought Phil's favourite Chocolate and Candy (see what I did there eh..).

I also made up a picnic of mostly C related foods, and some of Phil's favourites - massive girlfriend points right there!

After I picked him up, and gave him all these things, I drove us to Moors Valley which is a local country park and forest with the most incredible views. As it was a C date, I'm sure you can guess we went cycling!

We had said for some time that we had wanted to go cycling around Moors Valley and now seemed as good a time as any.

Firstly we took a ride through the forest which was so peaceful and as it was nice weather it made it so much better! This didn't take as much time as I expected it to which meant we could also go on another route. This time we headed around the lake and we also stopped to have a picnic there too. It was so pretty and it was amazing to take it all in for a little while.

We finished up our bike ride by cycling around the lake and golf course before heading back through the forest and home again.

It was such a great day and I am loving everything about Alphabet Dating!

For some Alphabet Date C inspiration:
Dates: Candle Lit Dinner, Crazy Gold, Camping, Comedy, Cooking, Climbing
Food: Coffee, Chinese, Cupcakes, Chocolate
Extras: Calligraphy Card, Count the ways you love your partner!, Crossword Puzzle

Who knows what Alphabet Date D will be?!

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