Friday, 12 August 2016

Longleat 50th Anniversary

A few weeks ago, I was kingly contacted by Longleat* to ask if I wanted to get involved in their 50th Anniversary celebrations. It is no word of a lie, I absolutely love going to the Zoo, I've been 3 times this year along and considering I don't live especially close to one, nor are they cheap, it can get quite pricey. So, I didn't exactly hesitate when I was invited by Longleat!

If there was one thing I knew I had to do, it was to feed the Giraffes. They absolutely fascinate me so I made sure I found out what time the feeding time was so I could do it, which also worked out perfectly with everything else we wanted to fit in.

For anyone who hasn't been to Longleat before, the Park is split up into two areas - the Main Square and the Safari Drive Through.

Whenever I go, I always head over to the Safari Drive Through where you can stop just before and get out of your car to see the Giraffes, Lemurs and Wallabys. There is also a small place for snacks called the Watering Hole and also a gift shop. I've always enjoyed this part as it is where you can feed the Giraffes which we of course did!

After plenty of photos, and walking with Lemurs, we got back in the car, switched on the CD we were given and drove round the Safari. The amount of animals we saw were endless! I couldn't even pick a favourite, however I was secretly very pleased the monkeys didn't take a liking to my car so didn't destroy it! I also loved going through the Lion and Tiger Country as they are such beautiful animals!

When we finished the Safari, we went back to the Main Square to see all the festivities there.

It was all decorated for their 50th Anniversary and African Summer, it looked amazing!

We didn't actually have time to do everything around the Main Square as there just wasn't time! So we prioritised and went on the Jungle Cruise and looked around Longleat House.

On the Jungle Cruise we got to see 4 different Gorillas, a whole bunch of Seals and a pair of Hippos sleeping soundly at the edge of the lake. The guy who was on our boat talking us through all the animals was hilarious which made it all the more fun.

By this point it was time to watch the parade and while we didn't have the best seats in the house, we still got a good view and it was so much fun! The atmosphere was great and everyone was having such a great time! There were African dancers everywhere and the music was blaring, I still can't get it out of my head. The floats were so cute and well thought out. They definitely captured Longleat!

All in all, it was an amazing day out and I couldn't recommend it more if you are considering going!

*A massive thank you to Longleat for sending my Family and I to the Safari Park for the day!

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