Wednesday, 17 August 2016

The Magical Warner Bros. Studios

At the end of July, Phil and I spent the weekend just outside of Watford in Kings Langley which was full of the cutest coffee shops, pubs and an adorable little sweet shop.

It was Phil's Birthday the weekend before and this was my birthday present to him, a weekend away and a trip to the Warner Bros. Studios as we love Harry Potter, it was a no brainer.

This post is much more like a photo diary, so if you don't want to see any spoilers, read my most recent post here.

When we arrived we grabbed some headsets, which really made it so much more enjoyable, and got in the very long queue to get in to the studios.

Before you start the tour, you watch a couple of videos in two different cinema rooms and very much to my surprise, after the last video, the screen rolls up to reveal The Great Hall doors. The Magic had begun.

The Studios is made up of two Units, J and K, see what they did there!

It is 100% worth the money and an amazing day out. We spent a good 4 to 5 hours there and we enjoyed every second, so much so that we want to go again! I personally really want to go at Christmas.

My Top Tips:
  • Get there in plenty of time, the magic starts in the foyer and it means you can get food, drinks and get ready to spend a few hours walking around the Studios
  • I strongly recommend getting the headsets, you get so much more information on them than just reading the different panels at each stop. 
  • Leave yourself plenty of time to spend there, if I had managed to get a lunch time tour, I have no doubt we would have spent hours there.
  • Make sure you try the Butter Beer, it is not for everyone but Phil loved it!
  • Stop at the shop at Platform 9 ¾, some of those gifts are exclusive to that shop and cannot be found at the main shop at the end! I'm so glad I managed to pick up some postcards there as they were not in the main shop.
  • Check to see what events are going on, they constantly have events on!
  • Take a good camera for ALL the photo opportunities
Have you been? What was your favourite part?

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