Monday, 5 September 2016

Healthy Snacks

I can say it till I'm blue in the face but snacking is my weakness. Always. However, I've been very mindful of it lately with having my job quite intense for a week, making sure I was eating the right foods and I've been fortunate enough to have tried some new and exciting snacks recently!

The first snack I have been loving is from Planet Hemp with their Hemp Snacks*. They are Super Mini Bouchées that come in two flavours: Forbidden Fruit and Cacao Heaven. Both flavours taste amazing and I couldn't pick a favourite if I tried! What I love about these snacks is that not only are they delicious, they are also packed full of so much goodness. Yeah, that's right, goodness. They contain Hemp which is a seed that is high in protein, omegas 3 and 6, Iron, Magnesium and Manganese. It is very easy to digest unlike other seeds I have come across and they are an excellent source of essential fatty acids. Plus they contain ALL essential amino acids. "I can get that all from a snack?!" I hear you say, well yes you can! 

As a family, we are huge fans of popcorn, always have been! So when I got to try Willy Chase's Fit Corn, I was over the moon! Their Fit Corn* comes in 5 flavours: Willy's Cider Vinegar, Nearly Naked, Chase Smoky Bloody Mary, Goats Cheese, Red Onion & Thyme and Salted Honey. I absolutely love the fact that for the Willy's Cider Vinegar popcorn they use their own Apple Cider Vinegar that they have made! Plus it has it's health benefits too: aiding with weight loss, improving digestion, and so many more. For me the flavours are amazing, they taste better than any popcorn I've tried before, and that is a lot, and I don't think I can choose a favourite, but I think Salted Honey is swaying it for me. You can buy your own here

As a huge fan of Mango, it is my go to fruit in its natural form but also when it is dried as it obviously keeps for a lot longer. I always carry some of the Urban Fruit Magnificent Mango around with me in case I get peckish at work.

I love Olives! So when I got the Chili and Oregano Flavour of Oloves in the August Degustabox, I was very excited! They taste amazing and Chili and Oregano isn't a flavour combination I've tried with olives before but it is definitely a winner for me.

Nutripot is another product I received in the August Degustabox. I received the Aromatic Thai Noodles and also the Moroccan Couscous but I have to say the noodles were more to my taste. For me, it just had a bit more flavour! These Nutripots have 50% of your daily vitamins and minerals, are high in protein, low in saturated fat and have no added sugar, artificial colours or preservatives. I really want to try some more of their flavours as they make such great lunches.

Lastly, a product I received in the July Degustabox that sorts out my sweet tooth when I have a craving, is the Brookside Dark Chocolate Pomegranate Flavour. These little bites have soft fruit centres and are covered in smooth dark chocolate, I don't need to say any more except these are delicious!

What are your favourite healthy snacks?

*Snacks kindly received in exchange for a review

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