Friday, 30 September 2016

Rombouts Coffee & International Coffee Day

It is no lie that coffee is a vital part of the diet. I mean what else are you supposed to have when you wake up on a Monday morning!?

Rombouts Coffee* is definitely the way forward. They have recently revealed a new look for their easy-to-brew one cup filter coffees. That's right, instead of worrying about whether you will have too little or too much coffee in your cup, Rombouts have got you covered. Simply pop one of the filters on top of your coffee cup and pour hot water over it. It is that simple!

Rombouts is family owned and run coffee company, dating back to 1896 in Belgium. They have been sourcing, roasting and supplying great coffee to the UK for over 50 years. The One Cup Filter was invented in 1958, now one of its best known product lines and do not worry, you can get it in most supermarkets!

The range features Original, Italian Style, Colombian and Decaffeinated options, and I must say, I am loving them all! You can now get your own pack of 10 filters, with a reusable lid, for £2.70 for the pack. 

Coffee does actually have some health benefits, despite what some may say, it can help to prevent liver disease, reduce the risk of colon cancer and also aiding sporting performance. It is the perfect time to add coffee to your healthy lifestyle. 

I have loved drinking the Rombouts coffee and it is definitely my go to for taking to work and having in the mornings to get my day started. They are so easy to use and the flavour is amazing! I feel like I get the perfect amount of coffee after a few minutes of letting the water run through the filter. I highly recommend these for their ease of use and the great flavours you can get! It makes a great difference to your standard cup of coffee.

*Rombouts Coffee kindly sent me a selection of their coffee for the purpose of a review

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