Monday, 17 October 2016

Blogger Box Of Lame

It's that time of the year again that That Lame Company have released another Box of Lame and they have not disappointed. This time around they released three versions: the Small, Big and Blogger Box of Lame. Obviously I knew I had to get the Blogger version and I was so glad that I did.

In the box I received:
  • A5 Wirebound Notebook
  • A4 Blogger Mail Notepad
  • A5 Notepad
  • A6 Notepad
  • A6 Art Prints
  • Recipe Cards
  • Snail Mail Cards
  • A5 Art Prints
  • A5 Sticker Sheets
  • Rose Gold Prints
  • Gold Print
  • Gold Foil Pencil

Unfortunately I did not get a photo of it all wrapped up pretty as I was far too keen to see what was inside!

If there is one thing that is great about That Lame Company is the thought that goes into every product they make.

I was first greeted by loads of prints. Both of A5 and A6 size and they are so cute! I absolutely love the gold foil prints and the "celebrate all the little victories" is one of my favourites which will be going above my desk. I love all the other little A6 postcards which are motivational and I will be putting these in my Bullet Journal!

Also with the postcards and prints were some Snail Mail cards and recipe cards! I think these are great and I cannot wait to use the Snail Mail cards as sending mail is so underrated these days but I absolutely love getting post through my letterbox! (Just not credit card statements...)

The next thing I pulled out and the thing I was looking forward to the most because I do have a slight obsession, as the incredible selection of stickers. Some were by That Lame Company and I must say they did an amazing job as they are great quality, and some of stickers were from Lilac and Dot, one of the guest Etsy shops for this Box of Lame. You obviously already know that I love my Bullet Journal and I am constantly doing new spreads and updating it, so these stickers are perfect. They are all different which means I can use them all for different things. The words are perfect for when you need that bit of extra motivation, can I just have a sheet of 'Kick Butt' stickers? No, seriously, please. The Lilac and Dot stickers are so cute with the bright colours and glitter, give me all the glitter. I cannot wait till payday to buy more.

Ok, I could seriously write about stickers all day so lets move on.

The next selection of products I made my way through was the selection of notepads and notebooks and there was also a pink gold-engraved pencil! There were 3 notepads: a Blogger Mail one, a generic 'either way I haven't done this yet' notepad and a weekly notepad. Plus a spiral bound 'Notes and Dreams, Thoughts and Schemes' notebook. I think all of these will come in handy and I particularly love the Blogger Mail one as it is so unique and I don't have anything like this already.

I ams so impressed with the Box of Lame this time around, it is so diverse and I don't feel like I've got too much of one product which is great! I love all the products and I cannot wait to see what That Lame Company bring out next.

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