Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Halloween Inspiration

Over the years, I have done plenty of different things for Halloween. From the most amazing kids parties when I was younger, to going out when I was at Uni. For the past couple of years I haven't done much and I wanted to change that this year. I've pulled together a few low cost ideas of things to do for Halloween.

This is the one that I have opted for this year. Netflix have a great selection of Halloween films that you can watch. Phil and I are opting for renting Hocus Pocus on iTunes. Head down to your local supermarket or somewhere like Poundland and put yourself together a Spooky Feast! Set up a little pick and mix selection for you and your friends to fill up some sweet bags to eat during the movies.

If you have some younger ones in your family or you know someone who does, get everyone you know round your house and get dressed up together. It's not hard to find some cheap face paint and create some great costumes! Take the little ones out trick or treating, put them to bed and eat their stash! [ok, seriously this is what happens when you work in a kid's store, but still I bet this would be so much fun]

Following on from movie night, if you have a bit more time then you can make a full on feast. Invite your friends over for dinner and decorate your table in a Halloween theme, with candles and everything! Look up some spooky winter themed recipes. Followed by plenty of sweets, because what is Halloween if there are no sweets involved?

Check out my Pinterest Halloween Board for more ideas.

What are your Halloween plans this year?

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