Sunday, 2 October 2016

Where Do I Start?

It feels so strange to be writing a post on here again, let alone an actual life update, it's been so long. I have thought for days, weeks, about how I was going to start this post and I guess I've decided to just take the 'dive in head first' approach. My last life update was Let's Talk and actually got a bit of a backlash, and since then it hasn't felt entirely right to post anything. However, I absolutely loved writing my last post on Autumn, and it was so good to get back to where I started. So here we go..

Unfortunately it doesn't feel like a whole lot has changed. I've been completely caught up with my new job that I haven't been able to focus on the right things. But now, I have a week off, I'm already 3 days in and I need to make the next 5 days count.


This is becoming an increasing worry for me. I have admitted it. I'm considering going back to Slimming World, and of course I have the oldest excuse in the book, I am trying to save money, and this isn't necessarily an expense I can afford. I do however, have about 6 months worth of their magazines, and I am working my way through them to find healthy recipes and healthy alternatives to foods I already eat. It's the first step in the right direction, and maybe in a few weeks if I am super careful, I will be able to afford to start back at Slimming World. I have such a negative relationship with food, but I can and will do this. I am also going to be exercising more, I haven't completely decided how I will do this, but it releases happy hormones, and I need all of those that I can get.

Health goes further than the physical side of things too, my mental health just hasn't felt right for a couple of weeks, I have felt very much all over the place. I will be doing everything to help myself with this, I have already done one thing to help, and it does make the world of difference. Exercising will also help this and eating right. So maybe soon I will have some good news on this!


Oh my goodness, I've never truly opened up about this, but while we are being honest, I am SHOCKING with money. I am so bad at saving, and I will give in to every temptation there is. But NO MORE, I have had enough of missing out, and since my relationship is moving forward, we are looking to move in together, there is no messing about. I have given myself no choice but to get a grip of this. Hello, savings!


Yes, a good old Spring Clean in Autumn. I find this so therapeutic, and with the help of my wonderful Boyfriend, I finally managed to get rid of lots of clothes and belongings I was holding on to for no reason. I have 4 bags to go to charity, and 1 bag I can sell on eBay to go towards savings. It felt so good to get rid of lots of old things, but it did mean I had to go shopping as I had no jacket or jumpers, any old excuse eh?!


Ok ok, so this isn't strictly a life update, but I do feel like I need to address this. I really think Bullet Journals are the way forward, I feel like I can really keep my life together and plan towards my future, whether it be a week, month or even a year. I have everything in one book, and I get to make it pretty, win win!

  • Bullet Journal updates - I really want to be able to share how I've been planning and getting on top of my health with the use of this
  • More Alphabet Dates -  they are happening again, and I have a few more to share!
  • Recipes - I desperately want to get back to doing weekly recipes again
  • Subscription boxes reviews
  • Favourite Food Product reviews
  • Christmas! - the dreaded C-word, I am aiming to do lots of Christmas posts and my attempt last year was not all that
  • 2016 wins and fails!

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  1. Looking forward to seeing these future posts from you! I hope Sunday is treating you well ��


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