Monday, 28 November 2016

37 Blogmas Ideas!

With December just around the corner, I will be taking part in Blogmas, as I know many other lovely Bloggers will do! I wanted to share a massive list of ideas for anyone that needs them! Even if you aren't doing Blogmas, there are plenty of Christmas Blog Post Ideas. 
  1. Christmas Wish List
  2. Gift Guides
  3. Christmas Plans
  4. Christmas Round Up
  5. Christmas Wrapping
  6. New Years Resolutions
  7. Things You've Learnt This Year
  8. Christmas Songs
  9. Christmas Traditions
  10. Christmas Decorations
  11. Christmas Cards
  12. Personalised Gifts
  13. 12 Day of Christmas
  14. Stockings
  15. Christmas Cookies
  16. Christmas Countdown
  17. Christmas Games
  18. Christmas Crafts
  19. Secret Santa
  20. Christmas Eve
  21. Dinner Party Ideas
  22. Christmas Party Theme Ideas
  23. Christmas Markets
  24. Christmas Jumper Edit
  25. Festive Makeup Looks
  26. How To Get To Sleep Early on Christmas Eve
  27. Christmas Pamper Routine
  28. Festive Days Out
  29. Decorating on a Budget
  30. Leftover Christmas Dinner Ideas
  31. Holiday Playlist
  32. Blogger Gift Swap
  33. Favourite Christmas Movies
  34. DIY Christmas Crackers
  35. Christmas Candles
  36. Gingerbread House
  37. Christmas Baking
What would you like to see as part of Blogmas this year?

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Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Christmas Candles

It's the most wonderful time of the year...yes, I will probably start every Christmas post like that! As a massive sucker for both Christmas and Candles, I could not resist these large Jar Candles that smell like Christmas! And this was me restricting myself to save a bit of money...! Last month I was invited to a Partylite Evening at a friends house, we all spent a couple of hours talking about candles and smelling the amazing scents they had on offer. I went for Marshmallow Vanilla and Peppermint Snowflake, both very much Festive scents.

Peppermint Snowflake won me over pretty much by it's name before I smelt it. It is such a fresh, crisp scent, it reminds me of Winter morning walks but also of Peppermint candy canes, put the two together and bam, fresh goodness. I absolutely love candy canes at Christmas, I've bought 4 boxes already and it's not even December yet. Don't worry, a lot of these are being put towards gifts, but they are an absolute must at this time of year! Peppermint Snowflake was a no brainer for one of the candles I was going to get as part of the 2 for £30. Also, look at the packaging, is that not ultimate goals?! It is so festive! I love it!

The second scent I chose was Marshmallow Vanilla, it took me ages to decide between 3 different scents, but this is the one I chose and I'm so happy with my decision, it smells delicious, you could almost eat it. However, I would not suggest this is a good idea. If you are aware, and have had, the new Toasted Marshmallow Hot Chocolate in Costa, it smells like that, or at least very much so reminds me of it! 

I'm so excited to burn these in the run up to Christmas! I love the cosy feeling of watching a film with hot chocolate and popcorn while having an amazing candle burning, can it be like this every day?!

What are your go to scents for Christmas?

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Monday, 21 November 2016

Mydorable Christmas Gifts & Giveaway!

Christmas is my absolute, most favourite time of year! And I have something oh so very exciting to share with you!

The lovely ladies over at Mydorable* were kind enough to send me a selection of their gifting range so I could share it with you for Christmas gifts! My first gift contained one of their Surprise Bon-Bon Voyage Boxes containing 3 tubs of their sweets from their range. My box included Mydorable Fruit Prints (Fruit Jelly Cubes), Mydorable Olives (Almonds Coated in Dark Chocolate) and Rainbow Confettis (70% Chocolate enclosed in a crisp sugar shell).

They came presented in a lovely white box with cards explaining the sweet treats inside and also a stunning photo! I must say, the chocolates that I got to sample were incredible, they aren't chocolates I would usually pick up as they are dark chocolate and have a higher cocoa percentage but I think these are delicious. I now understand why people who love chocolate that are on a diet would go for dark chocolate, you only need a few to hit the spot! Potential life saver for those horrible chocolate cravings! The fruit prints were also delicious, these are something I would definitely pick up myself, so I enjoyed these a lot! At £10 for the box, these are absolutely perfect for Christmas, you can either have a Surprise box or you can put together your own box and choose from 7 different sweets.

The second Christmas Gift I received was their Limited Celebration & Happiness Christmas Edition* filled with Pebbles, 'Fleur de sel' salted caramel, wrapped in milk chocolate and enclosed in a sugar shell. I am definitely snacking on these as I write this post. They taste incredible! If you are a fan of salted caramel then these are for you! 

And what a better way than with a chance to win one?! That's right, I have 10, yep, TEN, of these Limited Christmas Edition Baubles to give away, filled with Pebbles and goodness! Please read the T's and C's for more information! Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway T's and C's:
  • This giveaway is open to the UK only
  • It will close on the 11th of December at midnight, I will need responses from winners asap so please make sure your email is correct so I can get your prize to you by Christmas! 
  • There will be 10 winners chosen from this blog, Facebook and on Twitter (divided between them) to allow for more chances to win!
  • You must complete all mandatory options on the Rafflecopter app, unless you have come from Facebook and Twitter, these are bonus entries with extra chances to win. 
  • The ingredients for Pebble Sweets can be found here, they do contain milk and nuts for anyone with allergies.
  • I will be posting the product myself, I do not hold responsibility for the prize once it has been posted should it be lost or damaged
  • This prize cannot be swapped or refunded for any other product
  • If you have any other questions please contact

*All samples featured in this post were kindly received from Mydorable

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Sunday, 13 November 2016

A Trip To Centerparcs Longleat

Back in July, Phil and I decided we wanted a break away before Christmas. We'd been talking about Centerparcs for a while, and so we had a look at what our options were and settled for the first weekend of November. And we've just come back!

I've been to Centerparcs so many times before, but it was Phil's first time, but I knew he would love it! We booked a few activities beforehand: badminton, bikes and dinner out at Huck's. The rest we just wanted to see how we felt at the time!

On the Friday, we left pretty early to go and get all our food for the weekend before setting off for Longleat. It's not that far from where we live but we got there a couple of hours early to avoid the queues and since we both had the day off, it was nice to start a well earned weekend off. We dropped off all of our things at the apartment and headed off to explore so I could show Phil around a place I truly love. We wandered round the Plaza, and we were so pleasantly surprised that it was already decorated for Christmas, it was so pretty and I was so happy! We looked around all of the restaurants so we could see if anything took our fancy, then wandered round the Parcmarket to grab a couple of things we had forgotten..of course! We also ventured out the other side of the plaza so I could show Phil the swimming pool and rapids, which we were so looking forward to doing. On the Friday night, we opted for a quiet night in, it felt like a while since we had just chilled out together, so we attempted to cook our homemade pizzas in a microwave oven...and when I say attempted..we failed and we now have a strong dislike for microwave ovens. So it was more along the lines of a liquid dinner and snacks! We know for next time now.

On the Saturday we had lots planned, we cycled over to Jardin des Sport to have a look around again and we grabbed a drink in the newly refurbed Sports Cafe, which looks amazing. As a regular to Centerparcs I was amazed by it's new look but it looks so much better now and it was a pleasure to be in! We then played Badminton, we had time for 3 games, loser paid for lunch...fortunately I won!! 2 out of 3 games, meant poor Phil had to pay for lunch and since we were starving after working up an appetite we went all out eating from the new Sports Cafe menu. We then cycled back up to our apartment to swap our work out clothes for swimming things. There was no stopping us! We went for a swim, with all of their slides, whirlpool, rapids, wave machine and lazy river, we spent a good couple of hours in there! Saturday night was the night we decided to go to Huck's, so we headed back to get ready and I tested out our Hydrobath with a Lush Bath Bomb which was so good! We had some wine and then walked the 30 seconds from our apartment to the restaurant! We had some delicious food but we were absolutely stuffed, so we bailed on dessert and headed back to the apartment to cosy up out of the cold.

Sunday came around and we took a while getting up and out and about. We opted for going swimming before grabbing some lunch, swimming and getting knocked about going down the rapids and slides is far more hard work than you would think! Again we showered and got ready again and went for a bike ride. They had decorated the Village Square in the most prettiest Christmas decorations and it was beautiful! It did start to rain and we still needed to make it over to Jardin des Sport for the fireworks. We walked so quickly but we were still quite wet! They were holding a fireworks night for Guy Fawkes Night, just a day late..they had two incredible acts, one of which were fire dancers from New Zealand and they were incredible, the other was a marching band which was so fun. We grabbed Hot Chocolates and some Candy Floss and watched both acts before the fireworks which were held by the lake so they were so pretty! We then very quickly walked and cycled back to the apartment to make dinner in time for Planet Earth ||, so very important! It was the perfect way to end our weekend.

Monday morning was spent quickly packing up and taking everything to the car, but we did make sure we got in one last swim before heading home to prepare for the week ahead.

I had the best weekend with Phil, and I wouldn't have wanted to spend it with anyone else! I cannot wait to go back next year!

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Monday, 7 November 2016

Autumn Makeup with Rimmel

I have recently been sent a couple of parcels from Rimmel London* with some products from their range. It's safe to say I was delighted when the parcels dropped through my letterbox.

The first was the Scandaleyes Reloaded Mascara* and Felt Tip Eyeliners which have now become staples in my makeup bag. The mascara is extreme volume and extreme wear, plus it is easy to remove with warm water. I do really love this mascara, it doesn't smudge and lasts all day, which I find a lot of makeup doesn't, so as busy women that we are, it will last all day and night and then we can take it off with just warm water, winner! It also comes in Black and Extreme Black. I personally always opt for Extreme Black to make a statement.

The Scandaleyes Liners* come in two tips - Thick & Thin and Micro. I honestly thought I would love the thick & thin tip but I did find it a little harsh on the eyelids, so I only use this one occasionally. It is good for getting a thick like on the outer eyelid, something I am a big fan of. I use the micro eyeliner as part of my everyday makeup routine. It is so soft and it glides on so easily! It lasts all day, so along with the Scandaleyes Mascara, I've got a look to last me all day.

The second parcel I received was full of the new range of Matte Lipsticks and believe me when I say this is the Only 1 Matte Lipstick* you need. It comes in 9 incredible Autumn colours, it has a non-drying formula that is so comfortable to wear. I find that it glides on like a dream and they give such a bold lip, I'm in love! The colour stays on for hours and I wouldn't even know it's there! I do love all the colours but if I was to pick a favourite, it would have to be Run The Show, a beautiful vibrant purple.

I have loved trying out all the new Rimmel products and I cannot wait to see what they bring out next!

*All samples featured in this post were kindly received from Rimmel London

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Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Eyebrows On Fleek

It could sound slightly odd, but I have always loved the way my eyebrows look, I've never let anyone else touch them, never had them waxed or threaded, I've always used tweezers and done it myself. It was only last year that I was introduced to eyebrow powder and I have never looked back. I have use a pencil before but I really didn't like it, plus couldn't get the colour right!

I've been using Toppik UK Brow Building Fibers Set* this week and I am in love! Since I take a lot of pride in my eyebrows, the product I use has to be perfect or I won't be using it! This product was a new experience for me. There are two stages to applying it, you start with using an angled brush to apply the brow conditioning wax, which also helps to shape the eyebrows, and tame those stray hairs, you know the ones I mean...we all have them.  The Brow Conditioning Wax is also made with nourishing Mango, Shea and Cocoa Butters, so it feels so soft when you take your makeup off. The next step is to apply the brow building fibers. These are made of natural, coloured keratin protein fibers that will cling to the eyebrows. 



I have never seen or even heard of a product like this before. At first I wasn't sure, I opened the packaging and I liked how the tubs of wax and fibers were so neatly assembled, which makes it perfect for just chucking into my makeup bag when I need to, because you know, eyebrows need to stay on point at all times. I applied the wax, which felt a bit odd at first, then got the fibers out of their tub. On closer inspection, they are very fine, little tiny fibers, so I applied them to my eyebrows, and I got a darker colour than I was used to. However, after evening them out and getting used to them, my eyebrows definitely looked fuller and I loved them! They didn't feel any different to how they normally would be which I liked, as theres nothing worse than being conscious of what is on your face!

If you want to get your own, highly recommended, you can do so here, this kit is only £14.95 until the end of November when it will be £16.95 again. Plus free mainland shipping in the UK, so what are you waiting for?

*Toppik UK kindly provided this product for the purpose of a review, all opinions are my own

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