Sunday, 13 November 2016

A Trip To Centerparcs Longleat

Back in July, Phil and I decided we wanted a break away before Christmas. We'd been talking about Centerparcs for a while, and so we had a look at what our options were and settled for the first weekend of November. And we've just come back!

I've been to Centerparcs so many times before, but it was Phil's first time, but I knew he would love it! We booked a few activities beforehand: badminton, bikes and dinner out at Huck's. The rest we just wanted to see how we felt at the time!

On the Friday, we left pretty early to go and get all our food for the weekend before setting off for Longleat. It's not that far from where we live but we got there a couple of hours early to avoid the queues and since we both had the day off, it was nice to start a well earned weekend off. We dropped off all of our things at the apartment and headed off to explore so I could show Phil around a place I truly love. We wandered round the Plaza, and we were so pleasantly surprised that it was already decorated for Christmas, it was so pretty and I was so happy! We looked around all of the restaurants so we could see if anything took our fancy, then wandered round the Parcmarket to grab a couple of things we had forgotten..of course! We also ventured out the other side of the plaza so I could show Phil the swimming pool and rapids, which we were so looking forward to doing. On the Friday night, we opted for a quiet night in, it felt like a while since we had just chilled out together, so we attempted to cook our homemade pizzas in a microwave oven...and when I say attempted..we failed and we now have a strong dislike for microwave ovens. So it was more along the lines of a liquid dinner and snacks! We know for next time now.

On the Saturday we had lots planned, we cycled over to Jardin des Sport to have a look around again and we grabbed a drink in the newly refurbed Sports Cafe, which looks amazing. As a regular to Centerparcs I was amazed by it's new look but it looks so much better now and it was a pleasure to be in! We then played Badminton, we had time for 3 games, loser paid for lunch...fortunately I won!! 2 out of 3 games, meant poor Phil had to pay for lunch and since we were starving after working up an appetite we went all out eating from the new Sports Cafe menu. We then cycled back up to our apartment to swap our work out clothes for swimming things. There was no stopping us! We went for a swim, with all of their slides, whirlpool, rapids, wave machine and lazy river, we spent a good couple of hours in there! Saturday night was the night we decided to go to Huck's, so we headed back to get ready and I tested out our Hydrobath with a Lush Bath Bomb which was so good! We had some wine and then walked the 30 seconds from our apartment to the restaurant! We had some delicious food but we were absolutely stuffed, so we bailed on dessert and headed back to the apartment to cosy up out of the cold.

Sunday came around and we took a while getting up and out and about. We opted for going swimming before grabbing some lunch, swimming and getting knocked about going down the rapids and slides is far more hard work than you would think! Again we showered and got ready again and went for a bike ride. They had decorated the Village Square in the most prettiest Christmas decorations and it was beautiful! It did start to rain and we still needed to make it over to Jardin des Sport for the fireworks. We walked so quickly but we were still quite wet! They were holding a fireworks night for Guy Fawkes Night, just a day late..they had two incredible acts, one of which were fire dancers from New Zealand and they were incredible, the other was a marching band which was so fun. We grabbed Hot Chocolates and some Candy Floss and watched both acts before the fireworks which were held by the lake so they were so pretty! We then very quickly walked and cycled back to the apartment to make dinner in time for Planet Earth ||, so very important! It was the perfect way to end our weekend.

Monday morning was spent quickly packing up and taking everything to the car, but we did make sure we got in one last swim before heading home to prepare for the week ahead.

I had the best weekend with Phil, and I wouldn't have wanted to spend it with anyone else! I cannot wait to go back next year!

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