Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Christmas Gift Guide: Him | Blogmas #7

Is it just me or are men the hardest to buy for? I struggle every. single. year. And it's even harder this year, having a boyfriend and all. However, I have come up with a list of Gifts that would be perfect for any man in your life.

I am pretty sure that every guy secretly loves pyjamas, what else would you wander round the house in when you want to be comfy? There are some seriously amazing PJs out there, Fat Face do some of my absolute favourites and I know my Boyfriend and Dad love them too. ASOS is also a good place for things like this, they have a lot of variety and if they aren't quite into PJs then you could get some sweats instead.

So this may be what I've got for Phil this Christmas, don't worry he knows, but you can get some really good quality but also affordable headphones these days. Admittedly, we have got each other the urBeats, but my gosh do they look lush! There are plenty of deals around too, meaning you could get other headphones for less.

If he's into that sort of thing! Fortunately both Phil and my Brother are into gaming, which makes it so easy to ask for a list of games they want and pick any of them to get and they'll be happy!

At some point in every mans life, he will need a tie, there's no doubt about it! Pick up a really nice tie that he can wear for any occasion and I am sure he will appreciate it!

Beard Trimmer
Or some electronic device alike. One of those gifts you think are seriously boring but will make his life so much easier on a daily/weekly basis. He will appreciate it in the long run!

Another one that is ever popular. It is so easy to go grab any nice smelling Aftershave to keep him going for another year. Very much like yesterday's Perfume, the men in your life will always need Aftershave and you can get some amazing smelling ones in the £15 - £30 range to keep them affordable. 

Fountain Pen
If he loves writing, or simply likes to have a nice pen for writing notes, Bureau Direct have an incredible selection and they are now my go to for any Stationery and Pens for their vast selection of brands and products. They also do free delivery over £10, so you save on P&P which is normally the bane of our lives.

Oh, socks. Is it seriously Christmas if you don't get socks for someone? I have nothing more to say, but damn get that guy some socks.

What is on your list to get the men in your life?

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