Friday, 2 December 2016

Christmas On A Budget | Blogmas #2

It is no lie that Christmas is an extremely expensive time of year! Unless you've been saving all year, and those clever ones among us will have, others of us (including me) not so much, then this isn't an easy time of year. So here are my top tips for doing Christmas on a Budget.

  1. Create a Budget for everyone you're buying for, and stick to it. We are all going to go a little crazy at Christmas, buying things for loved ones. So stick to your budget, you can get creative within this, there is no need to go overboard because at the end of the day, they will just be happy to see you over Christmas.
  2. Shop for deals. There are ALWAYS deals on, I work in Retail myself, and there is always something on. I mean Boots do 3 for 2, every single year, and they have some seriously good gifts in their gifting section, you can get 3 gifts for the price of 2 in there, winner! Other stores will have offers on too, Superdrug often have deals on and also Marks & Spencer are doing 3 for 2 as well.
  3. Get Creative. Now, who said you actually had to buy a present, why don't you make your own? Have a look over at Etsy and create something for half the price, it will be so much more meaningful and the receiver will most likely love it too!
  4. Christmas Markets. Hit up all the Christmas Markets, my Boyfriend and I found some unique gifts for so much less than what we would have found them for in stores. Plus it was so much fun wandering around the Markets and looking at everything. 
  5. A Christmas Box. This is something I've been building up for years. I have collected Cards, Gift Tags, you name it, all in a Christmas Gift Box for years now. There's no point in throwing any of it away, and has meant I only had to buy one pack of Christmas Cards this year, which I got from Poundland and they were so cute!
  6. Amazing Amazon. I personally think that Amazon has some of the best prices around, I always shop around when I want something and 99% of the time will end up on Amazon, it has the lowest price I'm looking for and actually has the product in stock!
  7. Don't Wait Around. Do not be one of those people that waits around thinking a particular store will go into sale before Christmas. They won't. Ok. And if they do, they won't have that item in stock because every other person that shops there wants it too. I am telling you now, don't make me say I told you so in a few weeks time. Rant over...
  8. Secret Santa. Have you got a massive family? or a massive group of friends? If you do Secret Santa and even set the limit at £20, you can still get a decent present and everyone gets one, rather than spending hundreds and things people might not necessarily want. 
What are you top tips for Christmas on a budget?

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