Thursday, 15 December 2016

DIY Advent Calendar | Blogmas #15

This year I decided to make Phil an Advent Calendar, I know what a lucky guy, I'm the best girlfriend ever!

I honestly cannot remember what made me decide to make an Advent Calendar, but it happened! And it will happen next year too, except I would like a big one to hang on the wall!

I will say, if you are on a tight budget this probably isn't for you, however it does work out similar to a lot of the Beauty Advent Calendars, the cheaper of them that is. I tried to keep it at just under £1 a day but the coupons will it up as time goes on!

I got some Treat Bags from Tiger with the Christmas Tree print on, 15 for £2 I believe, and wrapped all the gifts up in that, much quicker than actual wrapping paper and I think it has a nice effect! I also got a cheap stocking to put all the gifts in, in order with 23 at the bottom and 1 at the top, so he isn't tempted to look through them. 24 is something I wanted to wait for and decide as I wanted it to be special and now I've ordered it, I really hope it is.

I thought it would be quite nice for you to know what Phil thinks, so here it is:
It just goes to show how much of what I say Adele listens to because already I have had some of my very favourite sweets and snacks, some of which I have not had for many years (Spiderman candy sticks anyone?) Two of the days so far have been specially made tokens that I have to redeem by a certain date. One is for a romantic coffee date that I must allow Adele to pay for (well, if you insist) and the other is for a home cooked meal of my choice, providing I give at least a weeks notice and I'm fairly certain that Adele already knows what I'm going to ask for! This has been such an amazingly thoughtful idea to help me count down the days to Christmas (because I must have an advent calendar, I'm such a child!) I would highly recommend giving this a go for your parents, siblings, or like Adele, you're significant other as it really is such an amazing surprise. 

Here is what I put in his Advent Calendar, up until yesterday so he doesn't know what he's got in store:
  1. Chocolate Santa
  2. Pistachio Nuts
  3. Reese's Pieces
  4. Dairy Milk Caramel
  5. Coupon for a Coffee Date
  6. Candy Sticks
  7. Love Heart Sherbet Dipper
  8. Drumstick Chews
  9. Bubble Gum
  10. Coupon for Home Cooked Dinner
  11. Refresher and Wine Gums
  12. Pizza
  13. Popping Candy
  14. Chocolate Coins
What do you think of handmade Advent Calendars?

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