Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Gingerbread House | Blogmas #13

Making a Gingerbread House was high on my Christmas Bucket List this year. I'm sure I have made one before but it was a bit of a disaster and we had much more success this year.

I picked up a Gingerbread House kit from Tesco which came with more than enough sweets and icing to completely decorate the Gingerbread House. It came with the house pieces already made so all we had to do was build it, a white tray for the house to sit in, 3 bags of sweets, 2 icing nozzles, and a bag of icing.

We built the house first and watched The Santa Clause whilst it dried so we could then finish the rest of it. We used some sprinkles we had bought the week before so we could add our own twist on it, plus these sprinkles are super festive.

I am super proud of the way our Gingerbread House turned out for a first attempt! 

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  1. Wow the gingerbread turned out really nice.



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