Saturday, 10 December 2016

Lush Snow Fairy & Sugarplum Fairy Lip Scrub | Blogmas #10

It is that one time of the year that everyone goes absolutely nuts over Lush products. Obvs because we all want baths and to indulge in all of the incredible Lush products they have in their Christmas range.

However, I have recently had my bath ripped out (I'm still emotionally traumatised by this, it's a very touchy subject), which means I can no longer indulge in all of the wonderful Bath Bombs and Bubble Bars, trust me, this is not good.

So, instead I went for a different product, and it is not often that I would go for a Shower Gel, purely because of the price ticket on it. I was lovingly treated to a big bottle of Snow Fairy, I only managed to get a small one a couple of years ago and last year I used The Comforter Shower Gel which is similar. So I was over the moon by this!

What is the hype all about?
I mean if you have not tried Snow Fairy before, it is Lush. It is like being wrapped up in a sweet smelling hug. It's like candy floss and bubblegum all mixed into one. It smells like a sweet shop when you were younger, but oh so so much better. In all seriousness, it makes you feel squeaky clean and makes loads of bubbles which makes me happy. Plus it's pink, and it has glitter in it, need I say more?

I also picked up Sugarplum Fairy Lip Scrub which I hadn't tried before so I was very intrigued. I already have the Bubblegum Lip Scrub but since I'm almost out, I wanted to update with a different one. I love using lip scrubs, even though you would perhaps get the impression that it might dry out your lips, it is far from it, Lush put in oils that moisturise your lips at the same time, so they feel smooth and soft when you have taken off the excess. Sugarplum Fairy is an incredible purple colour and tastes like blackcurrants so for me it was already a winner.

What is your favourite Lush product at Christmas?

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