Wednesday, 16 August 2017

A Happy Planner Sticker Haul

I have recently ditched the Bullet Journal (only very slightly, I am still doing a separate one), and have gone for a Happy Planner, something I have wanted for quite some time. I bought mine from Suzy Stick It, and she has a whole section dedicated to the range which you can find here.

Naturally I needed more stickers, and since there was a Christmas in July sale for some of my favourite shops, I bought some Christmas & Not so Christmas related stickers, that I simply had to share with you!

First up, I purchased a few bits from Rachel at Bits Of Stationery. I have been a fan of hers for some time, she opens once a week for a certain amount of orders, she is that popular! Fortunately she stayed open for quite some time for the Christmas in July sale so I placed myself a small order, for just a few bits that I wanted. Her packaging is so on point! You can tell instantly that it's an order from Bits Of Stationery as soon as the envelopes come through the door, I love it!

My most recent order came wrapped in Bits Of Stationery paper, wrapped in some pretty white and gold string with a sherbet stick too (Phil got this one, because I'm a top girlfriend..). It's honestly the little things that make all of the difference. Every order comes with a complimentary sticker sheet, the one at the top in the picture, I absolutely adore the summer print of the Planner sticker and the fact it is personalised. I am all about that personalised stuff, then people know its mine and mine only!

The second sheet that came with my order as complimentary was the Planner Girls sampler, this is something new Rachel has created and my gosh are they creative! The sampler includes one of each girl, doing different activities and then two extra. Rumour has it she is creating many more and also ones your can personalise! Keep an eye out to see what is coming soon!

On to what I actually purchased from the shop, these cute little Halloween stickers, a good range of everything. This one is Autumn and Halloween Events, so there is plenty to keep me going throughout October - for Halloween Parties, getting sweets, decorating pumpkins and other exciting things to do! The stickers are all of good sizes, not too big and certainly not too small either which can sometimes be the case when you aren't sure how big stickers come out! I love these, roll on Autumn!

Lastly, from Bits of Stationery again I grabbed a couple of Christmas sheets. As soon as Rachel released spoilers in her Facebook group, I knew I had to get them, and since I didn't know when I would get a chance to place another order, I grabbed them while I had the chance. First of all I grabbed the little Gingerbread People and Houses, which are so sweet, they are little which is exactly what I wanted, so if I have a Christmas activity or just generally want something to fill a gap, these are absolutely perfect! Secondly I grabbed the Christmas Drinks Sticker Sheet. With Hot Chocolate and Candy Canes, I really cannot wait to use these!

I then placed an order from Fantasy Designs Store, someone else I have been following for some time and I finally had more of an excuse to purchase some of her stickers. The first set I chose was the Neverland Set which you can obviously see is based on Peter Pan, I mean omg look! It looks so magical and I think the navy blue with stars is so cute. I honestly cannot wait to pop this in. I am thinking I will pop this one in for November, as it's quite dark, it will be perfect for Winter! Plus I have some amazing metallic pens that will write over it so nicely.

The second kit I ordered was this Princess Christmas Kit, again with some of my favourite Princesses on, it's safe to say this will be used over the week of Christmas. As surprised as you may be, I probably won't be going overboard with Christmas kits like this for the whole of December, and I will hopefully use some more Wintery kits instead to not overwhelm myself! But who am I kidding, I could be far too excited for Christmas that I want more like this! I will decide in a few months time.

Last but most certainly not least, I have these Christmas Countdown stickers, with some of my absolute favourite princesses on there, I couldn't resist, it actually starts from 4 months which means I can start putting them in soon. I may well have been told to stop talking about Christmas already so I will leave it there with the Christmas talk...!

Which are your favourites? What is your way of planning?

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Saturday, 5 August 2017

English Daisy from Yardley London

Hello! I am back with another post for Yardley London*. Following on from my blog post a few weeks ago on their English Freesia products which I completely fell in love with. I am now back with a second blog post but on their English Daisy* fragrance! As mentioned in my last blog post, the lovely company behind this are Yardley London* who have been producing perfumes, bath and body products using the delicate fragrance of English flowers since 1770. 

English Daisy is part of Yardley London's Signature Fragrance collection, along with other Scents but I have always like Daisies. They are so pretty and sweet, and the large ones you can get are stunning! The English Daisy is a fresh, dewy and elegant scent which is so Summery and perfect for this time of year as we go into Autumn (yes, I am well and truly wishing for Autumn already).

There are top notes of fresh green leaves and apple over heart notes which is a combination of hyacinth and white rose over a base of sandalwood and musk. The top notes come through as the initial impression, with the heart notes coming through after 5-10 minutes and the base notes come through after 1 hour.

Daisies represent loyal love and innocence and this fragrance was inspired by Kate Middleton who absolutely loves Daisies, and I can totally see why!

Part of the English Daisy range is an Eau de Toilette, very much the same as the English Freesia range too. It comes in an adorable little bottle which is round and has the name simply written on the front. It comes in the sweetest yellow and white spotty box, again simply with the name written on the front, and for 50ml it is £19.99.

The second product as part of the English Daisy range is the a luxuriously moisturising Body Lotion, which hydrates the skin leaving it feeling soft, smooth and rehydrated. It has that lovely refreshing English Daisy scent so you have both products to leave you smelling incredible all day long! This 200ml bottle is £6.50, bargain!

The Yardley London range can be found in Boots, Sainsbury's, Asda, Tesco's, Argos and online at 

The other fragrances in the Signature Fragrance Range are: Jade, Kiri, Polaire, Hermina, Royal Diamond and Royal Pink Diamond. These can also be found online at Yardley London. 

*These products were kindly gifted by Yardley London, but as always, all views and opinions are my own.

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Friday, 4 August 2017

Cute Home Furnishings

As some of you may know, my one goal at the moment is to move out with Phil. We have both gotten new jobs so the plan is for early next year to move in together!

This does mean I am on the look out for cute things that we can put in our home. Dandelion Interiors* recently got in touch and I am completely in love with the light* I received from them. To me, it is very Beauty and the Beast'esque, very similar to the Glass with the Rose underneath but instead with lights! I don't currently have a bedside table but I know when I do, this will certainly be going on it. It is so much brighter than you would imagine too, as you would not think that some fairy lights would be this bright, but they are which is amazing! You can find all of their lights here, I wonder if Phil would let us have a Chandelier...!

They also have some stunning mirrors on the Dandelion Interiors website which can be found here, I have quite a simple one in my bedroom at the moment but I really like it! For me, I way prefer simple statements rather than completely out there with lots of detail all over them and things poking out! I could completely change my mind one day and really want a statement mirror! But for now I am in love with the gold and bronze mirrors that can be found on the page above!

Clocks are not something I have always gone for, I don't have a single clock in my room, unless it is digital, as in on my phone or laptop but I have been considering getting one more and more, and when I have my own place I definitely want one that I can put on the wall. I really like the idea of one with Roman Numerals on it, in either black or gold, can we see a theme here? I also noticed some cute stand up clocks on their website, which I am definitely tempted by.

What I love about the Dandelion Interiors website is the amount of quirky products they have on there. It is so nice to see a website that has products that are completely different to anywhere else and the chances are you won't be able to find them anywhere else either. It has definitely made me consider what I would like for my home, and I can't wait to make the decisions with Phil when we get to them!

*This product was kindly gifted by Dandelion Interiors, but as always, all views and opinions are my own.

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Tuesday, 25 July 2017


Hiyaaa! It's been quite some time since I have done a life update post, so now is a good time as any. 

So so much has happened! So here goes:

I got a new job!
Since moving back home a couple of years ago, you will know I have had a number of promotions. My last job update was getting an Assistant Manager job a year ago and since then I have worked mega hard to be the very best. I started thinking about a new job around 6 months ago, had a look around and couldn't find the right thing for me, and I accepted that. A job advert caught my eye about 2 months ago, and it felt like fate. I am now just finishing my training. I honestly could not be happier, I do have a tough few months ahead of me as it is the busiest time of the year being summer holidays but I am ready and cannot wait for the challenge! (This sounds like a really lame CV but it is the honest truth!).

This is a tough one and I want to be completely honest so I want to write a separate post about this in the coming weeks. I am still going, but the last few months have been tough so it hasn't been the biggest focus for me, but I have big plans!

I have completely fallen in love with Blogging again! I am really enjoying writing and while it is not as often as I would like, I think I need to accept that this is how it will be from now on with a full time job and studying and just generally a busy life. I do have some exciting posts coming up with a mixture of everything - lifestyle to days out to reviews to my trusty Bullet Journal. On this note, do you have any requests of what you would like to see me writing about? 

Slimming World:
So June was terrible, I don't think I have ever been so stressed/panicked/rushing around like a headless chicken. Slimming World had to take a backseat and I maintained on the most part, which is better than gaining back the ½ stone I lost already. In the last week of June I gained 2 lb but this week I came back with a 2 lb loss. I genuinely could have cried with happiness standing on those scales. I was over the moon. It has definitely kicked everything back into gear. I bought one of their recipe books so I always have it at hand to be able to reference to! I feel so much better and by also feeling much happier in myself at the moment, it means I can motivate myself so much more. I want to drop a couple of stone by the end of the year at the very least!

I can tell you how much more relaxed and happy I am feeling right now. I have gone into July what feels an entirely new person, and it feels absolutely incredible. There is so much more motivation there and it makes me so excited to see what the coming months hold!

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English Freesia from Yardley London

Flowers are just the most wonderful thing, are they not? I have recently been introduced to English Freesia's in the form of a perfume and a hand cream. The lovely company behind this are Yardley London* who have been producing perfumes, bath and body products using the delicate fragrance of English flowers since 1770. 

English Freesia has now joined the Contemporary Classics Floral Fragrance Collection bringing to it a refreshing light citrus floral fragrance. 

This would make an amazing gift for a loved one as Freesia is the 7th Wedding Anniversary flower and also symbolises friendship, thoughtfulness and innocence. The sweet, citrus scent with delicate, vibrant flowers are the perfect gift for any lady in your life. 

It is the perfect scent for the Spring and Summer, and is perfectly on trend this year! There are top notes of Bergamot, Lemone, Mandarin, Cypress and Lavender mixed with a heart of Freesia, Lily of the Valley, Ginger and Pepper on a base of Sandalwood, Musk and Amber. 

The first product in this range is the Eau de Toilette which comes in a very traditional bottle that is both iconic and contemporary. The stunning English Freesia is shown on the box to show the key ingredient in the scent. It is worth saying that the Eau de Toilette contains 90% naturally derived ingredients with a vegetable derived alcohol base. The scent is so delicate and smells incredible. The scent lasts all day as well, which is definitely saying something as we all have those perfumes we know last no longer than 5 minutes. You can get your own starting at £9.99 for 50ml and £14.99 for 125ml. 

Another product part of the English Freesia range is a Nourishing Hand Cream which has a conditioning extract from the Freesia combined with Shea Butter, Peach Kernel Oil, Antioxidant Vitamin E and Chia Seed Oil. All of these ingredients in the formula hydrate and protect your hands. The cream makes my hands so soft and it is now a handbag essential! This hand cream is £4.49 a bottle.

The Yardley London range can be found in Boots, Sainsbury's, Asda, Tesco's, Argos and online at 

The other fragrances in the Contemporary Classics Floral Fragrance Range are: English Lavender, English Rose, Lily of the Valley, April Violets, English Bluebell and English Dahlia. These can also be found online at Yardley London. 

*These products were kindly gifted by Yardley London, but as always, all views and opinions are my own.

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Friday, 21 July 2017

Summer Travel Essentials

It is definitely that time of the year where we are all off on holiday or on day trips. I personally don't take holiday at this time of year, mainly because my job does not allow it. Instead I take plenty of day trips. Some we have been on and also have planned are:
  • Monkey World
  • The Beach
  • Shopping Trips
  • Legoland
  • Planetarium
We are also off to a gaming convention, EGX, in Birmingham in September, so we will be needing plenty of Travel Essentials for that and the following things are going to be absolutely perfect!

I always make a list, because I'm an organised freak and I always have the same things on my list every time.

I do always have stationery with me, I feel a bit lost if I don't have a bit of pen and paper in my bag. This little Kate Spade set* is perfect, it has everything I need, some pencils, sticky notes, washi tape, you name it, it is in here! The Tackle Box is perfectly easy to pop in my bag when I'm going out so that I can quickly jot something down on a sticky note when I need it. You never know when all of these blogging ideas are going to come to us!

I absolutely never leave the house without a drink, another item that feels so odd if I'm not carrying a bottle around with me! This Kate Spade Tumbler* is perfect for taking in the car for those day trips, I can fill it with whatever drink I like, even add a few ice cubes, and sit it in my car to have when I need to. I don't need to worry about it spilling either (omg when did I become such an Adult?), as the lid screws on. Can we just take a moment to appreciate the gold dots too?

A key thing in this day in age. I will personally rarely leave the house without a phone charger and power bank. If I'm off for a day out, I will definitely have a power bank, iPhone cable and plug, therefore wherever I am I can charge my phone! I will also have my headphones on me, just in case I want to drown out the noise of others listen to some music!

Wash Bag:
So I may go a bit crazy when I take toiletries somewhere, when we go to EGX in September, I will cram literally everything I possibly can into my Wash Bag (which is huge FYI, I mean look at this adorable Elephant Wash Bag*). I mean I might change my mind on what I want to use when I get there, and there is literally nothing worse than running out of some of your toiletries and having to find somewhere that sells what I need, but at extortionate prices, am I right?! I will always have separate products I take away with me, saves time for me to repack when I know I'm going away for a night soon after, this Elephant Wash Bag is the one currently packed. I love the material of it and the detail in the embroidery, it's so pretty!!

Extra Large Bag:
Just look at this bag, how perfect is this for taking away?! This Extra Large Tote Bag* is amazing for practically any day trip, it is absolutely huge and would fit in everything you can possible imagine for taking away with you. I know it would be perfect for us to take to the Beach, with two towels, change of clothes and a picnic! Now I am all about saving space! This will be one I will take to EGX with us, for extras like snacks and anything we just chuck in a bag quickly before we go, you know the type of thing I mean!

All the above items can be found on the Amara* website, under Travel Essentials.

What must you have when you are travelling? Are you off on holiday or for any day trips soon?

*These products were kindly gifted by Amara, but as always, all views and opinions are my own.

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Wednesday, 19 July 2017

A Journal To Make You Stronger

As you may know, or you certainly could have guessed it by now, I'm a big fan of journals. Any kind will do!

I recently received a journal aimed at men, called the Mindjournal*. I wanted to share it here, and there will be a male opinion later on, so bear with me. 

I personally believe writing is a great outlet for letting out how you feel, and I have so much written that no one will ever see, it is purely there so I can write down how I feel and it is always a relief to have let out those positive or negative thoughts, it's a weight off my shoulders for sure. It has made me quite an honest and open person, and I don't have much of a problem telling people how I feel, take that how you want! However, I do know for some people this is not always the case and exactly why I wanted to share this journal, Mindjournal, with you. 

Ollie Aplin is the man behind this journal. He reached his target on Kickstarter within 72 hours and eventually tripled his target, and I can completely see why. Ollie used his own personal experiences as well as extensive scientific research and his design skills to create Mindjournal.

In the journal is a unique framework made up of 3 core stages and 30 writing exercises. Something like this is absolutely genius! It takes you through every single stage, talking you through experiences, why you might be writing in the journal and why you started to begin with! I really liked that with each of the writing exercises, there are words, phrases and questions to trigger your own thoughts. That way, you might think about it deep down, but it takes that one word or question to trigger it all and the words just come flowing out!

The Mindjournal is intense but it has been created to strengthen the mind. Very much like eating healthily or exercising is very important, mental health is just as important now. Each section and each writing exercise gradually allowing the writer to open up more. In the end, the writer will find new ways to tackle day-to-day stresses, difficult emotions and the rollercoaster we all know as life.

In recent research, it has been confirmed that men are more likely to suffer from common mental health issues but are less likely to open up about them, something I wholeheartedly believe is true. As Mindjournal has been created, Ollie wants more men to open up and hopefully change their lives. 

Phil's thoughts:

The Journal is very well thought out with triggers to help you to write and while some of it I felt didn't really apply to me right now, most of it did and it was great to have some sort of order in my routine instead of everything being crazy.
There are 30 tasks or entries in the journal and although it doesn't say anywhere that you should do one entry a day instead of blitzing through it, I have chosen this route to space this out and really think about what I want to write. 
Overall it is a great little journal and aid for those who are just feeling a bit lost with themselves in any aspect of their lives really, a lot of people shun writing as an outlet for whatever reason but trust me, this really did help.

I think Mindjournal can help so many men out there, whether they believe they have any mental health issues or not. Writing it an incredible outlet that can help so many people!

What do you think of Mindjournal and writing your thoughts down?

*This book was kindly gifted by Penguin Random House, but as always, all views and opinions are my own.

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Thursday, 13 July 2017

Travellers Notebooks & Exciting Twists

Hello Everyone! I am back with another stationery post, with an exciting new twist on a Bullet Journal, as well as the most incredible notebook that is not like any I have seen before!

Travellers Notebooks are something I've been looking into for quite some time now. I wasn't entirely sure on how I felt about them being significantly smaller than my Bullet Journal, what if I couldn't fit everything in it that I needed to?! Bureau Direct have recently stocked the new Rhodia Heritage* Notebooks, and they are so nice! I love the unique design on the front of them and I went for the A5 Carnet Notebook which has grid paper in it. For the layouts that I have gotten used to, and very much enjoy doing for my Bullet Journal, grid or dot grid paper works the best for me. Hence choosing this notebook.

To go with it, I chose the most incredible Galaxy/Cosmic Washi Tape*, I absolutely fell in love with it when I saw it and it works so well in the notebook. I opted to do flags along the bottom of my pages instead of a straight line across, it just mixes it up for me and I love the way it looks on the page.

For the travellers notebook, I have very much done my own adaptation of it. I have said it before and I will most certainly say it again, something as creative as a Bullet Journal or Travellers Notebook is very much something you make it, it can be practically whatever you want it to be, and that is the best part of it. I have spoken to a number of people now that think it has to be perfect and have certain layouts. I guarantee you my books are not like any you have seen before, I keep it so simple, I don't track anything in particular. It is effectively a to do list and a journal of what I have been doing. I have a HP Printer which means I can put photos in without having to go get a full size print done.

My Travellers Notebook is so simple. I have taken one day per page and kept the same theme to every day:
  • The day and date
  • What I am doing that day - whether it be work or a day off, or if there's something particularly exciting I am doing that day
  • A to do list
  • A meal plan
I have included those four things on every single page, as I don't want to over complicate it and keep it as simple as possible. I have also got a monthly page at the beginning of every month to document what I will be doing that month, such as if there are dates in particular that I need to account for and remember.

I think this Rhodia Notebook is perfect for what I wanted to do with it. The paper quality was amazing, I couldn't have asked for anything better, the pens I use haven't gone through the paper at all and I was using markers that I was sure were going to go through the paper! I loved using the Washi Tape in this one too, I have used maste tape before so knew exactly what to expect and it did not disappoint. I am over the moon with how it has turned out and wish I hadn't delayed in starting one!  What do you think? Do you have a Travellers Notebook?

The second most exciting notebook I think I have ever seen in my life, is another new product Bureau Direct are stocking. It is a quirky notebook from Grids & Guides*, I had the pleasure of receiving the grey version. This notebook has many different pages for both writing and drawing and also charts and infographics that are science based. The notebook includes pages such as:
  • Grid paper
  • Isometric Grid
  • Basic Ledger Table
  • Coordinate Map Grid
  • Point Grid
  • Compound Grid
  • Storyboard Grid
  • Circle Pattern Grid
There are then 8 infographic pages:
  • Periodic Table
  • Human Circulatory System
  • International Maritime Signal Flags
  • Geological Time Scale
  • Electrical Symbols & Resistor Colour Codes
  • DNA & Gene Expression
  • Visible Light & the Electromagnetic Spectrum
  • Satellite Remote Sensing

I really think this is an incredible book for Visual Thinkers. It can be used to map out graphs and diagrams, but I personally think it can be used as a notebook using the different styles of pages to make studying and note taking all that more fun! It would make the perfect gift for someone who is in the business of drawing diagrams daily, or for a stationery lover who likes the quirky side of stationery! This notebook from Princetown Architectural Press also comes in two other designs which can be found here. I also have my eye on the Black Edition and also their Mailbox that they have! What's the best notebook you have used?

*These products were kindly gifted by Bureau Direct, but as always, all views and opinions are my own.

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Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Twelfth Night at the Salisbury Playhouse

It has been a few months since I have been to the Salisbury Playhouse with Phil, it's actually one of our favourite things to do as a Date Night and now we are going twice in the space of two weeks! 

I want to start off by saying Twelfth Night was well and truly incredible. Quite honestly it is not something I would have picked to go too myself but Phil and I thought it would be so good to try something different and I am beyond glad we did. Phil and I did not really have any expectations, I had previously heard good things about Twelfth Night but this well and truly exceeded expectations.

[Photo Credit: Salisbury Playhouse

When we walked in, the atmosphere was incredible, they were already playing Jazz music and one of the actresses was about to sing while others were asking some of the audience to dance on stage with them. I must say I was very relieved when they didn't ask me, not quite my thing! However, it was a really nice touch and it really set the scene going into the performance!

Phil and I both loved that it was a modern setting, while the still wore clothes from slightly older time, I did find it more relatable and easy to follow.

Since it is so relatable, it would appeal to practically everyone and anyone, those who absolutely love Shakespeare and newcomers like us, it's been a good 10 years since either of us has looked at Shakespeare but it was so good to see. On that note, it would be great to inject some life into Shakespeare for those studying it in English at School, as we all know it can sometimes get a bit tiresome.

[Photo Credit: Salisbury Playhouse

The storyline really got me, I actually knew nothing beforehand but I easily followed it, it is basically a massive love triangle, Viola is in love with Orsino (the Count) who is in love with Olivia who falls in love with Viola dressed as a man trying to get to Olivia for Orsino! God it? Good, let's continue!

There is a brilliant plot twist that truly stole the show for me as I do love a happy ending! You'll have to watch it to find out!

However Malvolio stole the show for Phil with his rendition of Royals, which I will agree was amazing, and his scene of being tricked into wearing yellow stockings.

Maria - Victoria Blunt
Malvolio - Peter Dukes
Olivia - Aruhan Galieva
Viola - Rebecca Lee
Antonia - Emma McDonald
Feste - Offne Okegbe
Sir Toby Belch - Lauryn Redding
Orsino - Jamie Satterthwaite
Aguecheek - Mike Slader
Sebastian - Stuart Wilde

[Photo Credit: Salisbury Playhouse

The Actors and Actresses performing from the Watermill Theatre are so incredibly talented at what they do, I highly recommend seeing a performance if they are in your area!

I would like to thank the Salisbury Playhouse again for allowing us the pleasure to see another fantastic performance, it was truly an incredible evening and the atmosphere was great!

Tickets to Twelfth Night are available here, and the performance is running from 20th-24th June.

*Tickets were kindly given by Salisbury Playhouse for this Press Performance

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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Preparing Car & Car Tyres For The Summer Road Trip

For those of us that work in Retail, summer holidays aren't always something we do, particularly for me as I now work in kids stores that means summer holidays are an absolute no go. Therefore for me, I go on a lot of road trips and day trips! So making sure I am prepared is always essential!

I am normally relatively prepared when it comes to taking journeys in the car. I always make sure I have items such as water and a spare jacket in the car, just in case of getting stuck in traffic in the warm weather or the unfortunate case that I get stuck later at night when it is colder or even break down when it’s cold! As well as sunglasses, in case it is mega sunny out!

I always try not to over pack my car, the chances are I will only have myself and one other person when driving but I am aware of other trips being made this summer that there are more people in the car, so I will be trying not to have too much in the car that will make the load too heavy.

Allergies can be around a lot in the Summer, and triggered by many things, therefore it is best to talk to your Doctor or Pharmacist if you will be taking lots of trips. You can stay safer in the car by having mats down that you can clean regularly and also change and clean the air filters as it is likely you will be using air conditioning a lot!

In case you have tyre tread below the legal limit, change your tyres ASAP, there are multiple ways you can buy tyres online. Many companies allow you to book tyres on their website. Point S is one such company, you can easily buy tyres online from Point S website

I think it's always important to be aware of the dangers of driving in the summer too. Particularly exploding tyres which can happen when your tyres are under-inflated and this in turn causes too much friction with the road, leading to overheating resulting in your tyre exploding. The best way to prevent this happening is to check your tyre pressure regularly! Also make sure that there is no wear and tear on your tyres, check the tyre tread- you can perform the 20P test to make sure tyre tread are within the legal limit, Find out how to perform this test here

Secondly, in the summer heat, your engine can also overheat which can cause you all kinds of dramas. If you notice your car overheating, then the best thing you can do is pull over and turn your engine off for a short while so it has time to cool down before carrying on with your journey. 

I will definitely be taking all this into consideration for the road trips I will be taking this Summer!

*this is a sponsored post, sponsored by Point S

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Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Long Time No See

Hello, hello, gosh has it really been two months already?! That is quite shameful on my part. I have always said that I don't want to apologise for not posting on my Blog, as it's mine and I can choose when to post or not. But I do apologise, this has certainly not been intentional whatsoever, nor will I be going in to details why as it's not my place to disclose. There are reasons why I haven't posted and I have prioritised being with loved ones and sorting lots out!

I am pleased to say I am back, woo! I haven't fallen off the face of the Earth, and I do want to get more of a routine with blogging as I absolutely love the writing aspect of it. I think there is always so much drama going on in the world of Blogging, and it's such a sad thing to see. Please don't forget to keep up with me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Where Have I Been?
I have done so much in the last two months, it feels an absolute whirlwind and has flown by completely, I honestly cannot believe it is June already. Most importantly, I went to Disneyland! Oh my goodness, it was incredible, there are reasons why it could have been a happier time but Phil & I completely loved our time there and we desperately want to go back at some point, but saving to move out is taking a priority at the moment. We have hopefully decided somewhere to go on holiday next year, I need to get saving like crazy!

What Have I Been Doing?
What haven't I been doing more like? I have been working like crazy, and studying. Yes! So I have been really focusing on studying, since my last topic in this module was so rushed, I am trying to keep on top of it this time for the current topic, as I have a little longer to do the assignment, I am currently trying to familiarise myself with the assignment so that I can get another good grade. I got 80% in the last assignment, how is beyond me but I clearly said the right things! Doing Open Uni has not been easy with working full time but I know in the end it will be rewarding and I hope to be able to get some work experience of some sort in before I finish so that I have some experience to go into the job I need.

What Is New?
I think the most important change I have made in the past couple of months is to go back to Slimming World, I tried at the beginning of 2016 and could not get my head in the game. I am so determined this time, I am wanting to improve my health and that essentially starts with the food and eating habits. I have pretty much prepped every lunch and dinner in advance so far, and I am still learning what is going to work for me. And I do think that is what I needed to realise, this is not going to happen overnight, I noticed changes quickly but then I went easy on myself and realised I couldn't be like that. Yes, it is a learning curve, it is not a straight road and I will not be losing the pounds by the minute or hour, it will take time. I'm just under a stone off in a little over a month, but I feel better, my health feels like it is improving by the day, and the times I do slip up, my body screams at me for it! I'm so glad I made the decision to go back, and I'm so looking forward to the journey I'm going to take. 

What Else Have I Been Up To?
I have had my first anniversary with Phil, and we did what we do best, went to the Zoo! We absolutely love Marwell Zoo and it was such a lovely day, they are doing lots of new enclosures so we can't wait to go back next year to see them all.
I also made a trip to London on a spur of the moment with the family and we went to one of Jamie Oliver's restaurants, Barbecoa, it was such incredible food! I would definitely recommend it.
I've also continued with my Bullet Journal and I really want to do a blog post on it soon!

What To Expect Now:
I am hoping to be more engaging on Social Media, links can be found above and below the post, and to post on my blog once a week. It is a start as I still have so much I am doing, for example studying, so while I work out the right balance it will be little to start with.

Enough about me, how are you? What is new with you?

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